This is the ongoing story of faith, love and family as we walk through this life with 3 sons, one daughter, one daughter in law and one grandson

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back In The Land of the Living

Shew, it has been a rough couple of days but thankfully I'm feeling much better. I will try to get the Christmas Explosion Photos up soon.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Update

Will have to be postponed. After much feasting and frivolity yesterday I woke up with a fever this morning which has kicked my bahonkas.

I do have to ask though....does anyone else receive workout gear for every. single. Christmas. when you have never asked for it? Just sayin'...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things Rolling Around In My Head

Lots of stuff rolling around in my head right now...

I have been done Christmas shopping for quite some time so why do I have this feeling of anxiousness that won't leave. I feel like I forgot to purchase gifts for someone. Oh. My.-please don't let that be the case!

There is big drama in my teeny tiny town involving women. Lots and lots of women. I won't go into the specifics because I believe that people are already being villified. I'm not trying to judge either but I urge those involved in the drama to take a minute and think about how you can still affect change for less advantaged women/children/families. I implore you to stop lamenting on facebook about how much good you could have done. You still can! There is no reason why you can't collect and donate coats/books/used cell phones/blankets to help those you state you can no longer help. You know the old saying talk the talk, walk the walk? I challenge you to walk the talk. If your hearts are being broken for the disadvantaged then I beg you to start a donation drive. Those that were disadvantaged a few months ago are probably still disadvantaged today. If you start a drive, let me know, I will be happy to donate what I can.

I am trying to put my big girl pants on and deal with the fact that U*Haul, Pixie and Lil Pea won't be home with us for Christmas. The truth is that I wish I could throw a big old tantrum, stomp my feet and they would magically appear. It is going to be difficult not having them home. I truly cannot wait until U*Haul's time in the service is over. I am happiest when I am surrounded by those that I love.

We had a potluck and gift exchange at work. I am so full that I think my eyeballs are actually bulging out of my head right now. Our team is a fantastic group of people and I am so honored to be associated with them.

I'm hoping to post one more post before Christmas. You would never guess I received a fancy pants camera for my birthday since I haven't posted photos in so long but just wait. The annual To*ys R U*s explosion that takes place in our living room every Christmas will be properly photo documented on this here blog this weekend.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Even Santa Has Limits

If you haven't guessed by now, McGyver is a complete push over when it comes to Dreamsicle. She doesn't write words yet so her letter to Santa was alot of very pretty scribbling which we then deciphered. I dutifully mailed her letter to Santa and was pretty proud of myself considering that I was able to check every single thing off her list as having purchased (per instructions from McGyver-his girl will not be disappointed). Well, the wee one has decided that she absolutely MUST send another urgent letter to Santa. There are two more things that she just cannot live without. Imagine McGyver's surprise when I txt messaged him that he had better stop at a store while he was in the big city because his daughter was in desperate need of two more things. A C*Hia Pet which is easily obtained. Oh, and a Sister. You know, cuz Santa brings everything you ask for.

Friday, December 17, 2010

This Morning

Dreamsicle and I had a bit of snuggle time before I left for work this morning. When it was time for me to head out the door I kissed her and told her I would see her later. She grabbed my arm and in a bit of a panic asked if I would help her pick out her clothes for the day. I told her I would be happy to but then asked why she felt she needed my help. It was then that she confessed this "When Daddy helps me pick out my clothes, I am always dressed funny."

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Where Did The Time Go?

So much stuff has happened but apparently I am using facebook waaaayyyy too much when I see that I didn't even post once in November. Where to start...

Halloween was a blast. Dreamsicle really got into it this year. We celebrated Lil Pea's birthday at the zoo on a day when they were having a "Boo at the Zoo" day. All of the kids dressed up, they received candy and treats and the animal exhibits and Dreamsicle got her face painted. Fun, fun day. (Let's pretend that prior to entering the zoo she didn't slip and fall in goose poo. Ick.)

We spent some time in Boston where McGyver and I had a conference to attend. Genious and Dreamsicle went with us and were able to do touristy types of things during the day. It was a great trip.

U*Haul, Pixie and Lil Pea were able to spend a good bit of time with us but are now back in GA, celebrating their holidays as a family. We are sad not to have them here but happy that they are all together. Pixie and Lil Pea will be heading back up to stay with us at some point again when U*Haul goes underway. I sent a ginormous box filled with their Christmas gifts out to them on Saturday. If nothing else, Lil Pea is going to love the box. It is big enough for him to build a fort with!

Dreamsicle and I spent Thanksgiving with the G-unit along with X*Boy and Chester. McGyver usually goes away hunting that week so it was nice to have everyone else together.

My Christmas shopping is complete and I had almost everything wrapped. Notice the word Had in that sentence? Harley crept into our room at some point last night, pulled an entire bag of wrapped gifts down the stairs and proceeded to either a.) unwrap the gift or b.) eat the gift. It should be noted that nothing in that bag was supposed to be edible but apparently she has an unsatiated need for wool socks. Yep-she ate two pair of some crazy special type of wool hunting sock that McGyver had asked for. When I came downstairs this morning I knew something was wrong since she was waiting at the bottom of the steps looking all crazy eyed. Geesh-puppies are fun (or not)

Much sadness and grief has been felt by people close to me lately and I am extremely thankful that they have the gift of a new grandbaby to help them keep pressing forward right now.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Funky McFunkster

I am in a funk peeps. A big old no energy, no get- up- n- go- my -gumption- got- up and left funk. And I don't know what caused it. Not knowing the root of the funk makes getting out of it a little tough. Be back when I claw my way out...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dreamsicle started preschool yesterday. As soon as she entered the doorway of the school she became a different little girl. Not the timid little sprite who wanted me to hold her hand as we walked in, but a confident, happy little girl. As she sprinted down the hall she was squealing with delight "my school, my school-I'm back at my school". All of that happiness washed away any doubt we had left over on whether or not we should have sent her to kindergarten this year.

It also solidified a decision that we had just made yesterday morning. With all of the should we send her/should we wait to send her drama we have been dealing with, McGyver and I sat down and talked about what the issues were/are. Turns out we both felt like she may have been ready this year but with the classes the size that they have become in public school our little sprite would have easily been lost in the crowd. Because of that, we started researching alternatives and toured a Christian school yesterday morning.

I can tell you that from the moment we entered the lobby I knew this is where Dreamsicle is meant to attend school. The total school size from kindergarten through 8th grade is 79 students this year. BUT! there is actually more diversity in this little slip of a school than in the public school she would have been attending. I was so afraid that she would be the token ethnic chic but that's not the case at all. The whole environment appears to be a place where Dreamsicle will be pushed but also won't slip through the cracks should she begin to struggle.

I am so relieved. We plan on completing the application and having it back into the school before the end of the year to make certain she has a slot in the fall (projections for next year's kindergarten class are at 14 students right now). The exact same size as her preschool.

I am so thankful that we found a solution that will make all of us feel good.

Friday, August 27, 2010

5 year old angst

Dreamsicle just turned 5 and what I firestorm I have started with our decision not to have her start kindergarten this year. From the cashier in the grocery store to a fellow adoptive mom it seems as if I am breaking a cardinal rule that I did not know existed. Thou MUST enroll your child in kindergarten when they turn 5. Ready or not.
Dreamsicle is the slightest of slighty little girls that you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. She has a memory that continually amazes me. But the thing is-she is still a little on the wobbly side when it comes to things like articulation, small motor skills, etc. And don't get me started on my sweet little long legged beauty that still needs to grow into her body and be able to get it to move the way she wants it to. Add to all of this the fact that she does not have a mean bone in her body (which means that she could very well have gotten chewed up and spit out by the batch of mean girls she would have been attending kindergarten with had she started this year) and it was the right decision for our family.
It was the only decision actually.
That being said, why am I left having to defend our decision? I have honestly never heard anyone that started their child when they were six say that they regretted that decision but I have certainly heard plenty of people say that they wished they would have waited to start their child until they were six.
The thing is-so many people make comments about it that now my little Dreamsicle has started questioning if "shomefing" (something) is wrong with her that kept her from being able to start school this year. That question breaks my heart. Add this to the list of conversations I never thought I would have to have with my little girl...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to my McGyver

Ah my love, can it really be that today is your birthday? You still look young-ish for your age and that makes me so happy. This past two years has been filled with ick and uck and you have held us together. You are the glue that binds this family. You are the glue that holds me together. Especially on the days when I feel all shattered. Thank you for being what my vision of a husband should be. The leader of our household. The man that adores me. The father that offers sage advice and listens well to his sons. And the perfect Daddy to one five year old piece of delish-ishness. I love you. Happy Birthday.

So much happening

You know when you have been doing a million things but you can't remember what the million things you have been doing that have taken up all of your time are? That's me right now. We celebrated one awesome little Dreamsicle's 5th birthday. We have attended the birthday parties of a few other awesome little 5 year olds. We spent the weekend in a little town upper more north of us that had a steam engine show. We camped. In a field. In 80+ degree weather. With. NO. Shower. except on Saturday night friends of ours pulled in with their travel trailer (we had our truck camper) and took pity on me and offered their shower. I immediately jumped for joy, grapped my soap on a rope and jumped into their shower. Except they forgot to light the propane. So I jumped back out-f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g. With wet drippy hair. It was still alot of fun and Dreamsicle made her very own jump rope just like they did way back in the day. It was educational and fun for all of us. We have been having Monday night friend dinners. Each Monday we take a turn at someone's house where we all gather, stuff ourselves silly and enjoy each other's company. It has been a great Monday night thing to look forward to each week. But now it ends next week. School starts, Dreamsicle and the fabulous A will have dance on Monday nights. It was a good run. Speaking of running-I haven't been. At. all. McGyver and I head out to Vegas at the end of September and I so am not looking forward to wearing my I have not been running at all body while I am out there. I should probably start doing something about that. Stat.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Reunion Fun

This weekend found us lounging near the lakeshore for our annual family reunion camp-a-thon. McGyver and I were not able to join the festivities until late Friday evening due to some work commitments but the G-ma made sure that Dreamsicle had a full fun filled day with her second cousins. This year was particularly special as we were able to see one of our cousin's and her family who we haven't seen in years. She is the daughter of my sweet Aunt S and newly departed Uncle H. It was great to be able to catch up with them. They are a bit more refined than the rest of us so I think we may have given them fuel for conversation for a very long time. LOL. Saturday we honored Uncle H in a casual manner which I think he would have appreciated. We also held a babyshower for one of my cousin's daughters. She is a pretty cool chick and I can't wait to meet her sweet little boy when he makes his appearance this fall. As usual the weekend was filled with waaaaayyyyy to much good food and a whole lot of laughter. One of the things that I appreciate about my extended family so much is that there is rarely any drama. We are able to spend 3 days together and no one fights-imagine that! There were 3 little puppies added to the family this year so it was fun to see our German Shephard hide like a school girl from my cousin's daughters husky puppy but think she was all bad when she was near my other cousin's Shitzhu puppy. It was a great weekend and we are already looking forward to next years' outing.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Girls Week!

We were pretty bummed that we had to bail on the first leg of our vacation (the Myrtle Beach meet with the rest of our adoption travel group) but boy did we have fun in Florida!
We ended up on the same flight down to Florida as our friends. 3 mamas and 3 daughters together for 6 days.
It all started a year ago when Miss Twinkle Toes and her dance team made it to nationals. She had asked if Dreamsicle and I would go watch her. We weren't able to make that trip but promised her that if her team ever made it to Nationals again that we would be there. Well guess what happened-they qualified this year and the competition just happened to be held at one of our favorite places on earth-Disney!
Much preparation and planning went into places to stay, things to see and it all paid off in the end.
Dreamsicle and I shared a room with one my besties-T and her adorable 15 year old-the Mollster. By the end of the trip Dreamsicle and the Mollster were thick as thieves. We were truly blessed to have such a cool teenager to spend time with. Every single day since we have been back Dreamsicle talks about the Mollster, has named a baby-doll, two stuffed animals and a purse after the Mollster.
We watched Twinkle Toes compete-she was amazing. She really did just glide across that stage-big old smile plastered on her sweet face the whole time. Her mama L is another of my real life besties.
We conquered Magic Kingdom and could have stayed on Its A Small World continuously if they would have let us since it was so cool in there. The Florida heat was incredible.
Animal Kingdom was incredible. We went on the safari and I took some amazing pictures. The giraffe was literally close enough that I could have reached out and pet it!
Hollywood Studios was a fast paced visit-we arrived late in the afternoon due to Twinkle Toes competition and the park closed early so we literally raced from one thing to another to see everything.
Epcot was an all day event. Dreamsicle filled up an entire autograph book with character signatures and photos. We did the Princess breakfast here and all of the girls enjoyed themselves. While visiting the Chinese Pavillion, Dreamsicle and I were looking at Chinese dolls and lo and behold there was a doll that was named Dreamsicle's middle name! Of course that dolly had to come home with us.
Dreamsicle visited the Bippity Bobbity Boutique and had a partial "princess experience" she had her hair done (complete with crown!), makeup and nails. She could have cared less about the whole hair thing but was beside herself with joy about getting her nails done!
It took us three days after getting home to recover and rest.
We are so glad that we were able to take this vacay and can't wait to do it again

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

It is still a bit too early to say too much but trust me when I say that I am thanking the Lord for the many blessings he is bestowing upon us. We have been patient, we have trusted and we have believed that the silence we were experiencing was a not yet and not a no.
The not yet is just about over and I will be so happy when I can say more. If you have been one of our prayer warriors, thank you for lifting us up.

In news that I can speak about-U*Haul has been in the Navy a bit over 2 years and was just promoted to an E-5! Go U*Haul

Dreamsicle and I leave for the Mouse House tomorrow. We are both desperately in need of some mommy daughter time and can't wait to jump on that plane!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Should Have Worn Waterproof Mascara

Yesterday upon leaving a prospective client's office my cell phone rang. It was my sister calling to tell me that our Uncle H had passed away. There have been alot of deaths in our family over the course of this last year but this one was unexpected. If you follow my blog you know that I have been fortunate enough to have been able to have spent time with Uncle H and Aunt S whenever I travel south. The last time we were all together was this winter. I am so thankful for that visit. I got to spend an entire evening with them as well as U*Haul, Pixie and Lil' Pea. U*Haul, Pixie and Lil' Pea then spent the entire next day with them. I can remember U*Haul telling me that evening when they came back to the hotel about how glad he was that they had spent the day with them because he really enjoyed himself.

Growing up we would travel across the Mitten State to their house and always looked forward to our visits. Aunt S was great about making sure that we had age appropriate things to do and because of that, we were able to experience many types of things that we otherwise would not have had the opportunity to experience. When Uncle H retired, they made their home in Georgia. They have a beautiful home on an island which boasts some crazy number of golf courses. This was perfect because Uncle H was a golfer. Not a casual kind of golfer but one serious retired guy kind of golfer. McGyver and I played golf with him one time. That was enough for me-he was waaaaaay to good and I was waaaaaay not so good. But he lived his retirement years being just steps away from a golf course. How many people can say that they get to follow their passion? He could and he did.

He kept up on current events and knew so many fun facts that he could know and yell that it sometimes surprised me. When something interested him, he studied it-you could tell by the depth of knowledge he had of so many diverse subjects. He was a man with an opinion -and not afraid to share that opinion-which was one of things I loved. He could get impatient which would make me smile because it reminded me of my Grandfather (his father). But he was also tolerant. Even if he couldn't understand why people would make the choices they made, if he loved you, he would accept you-flaws and all.

We will miss Uncle H so very much. I'm going to wipe away the mascara trail that trickled down my face as tears fell from my eyes yesterday. And I am going to remember the way he lived his passion and try to do the same thing.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is It Really June Already?

Holy smokes-this month has flown by. Lots going on around here so going to do bullets to break it down

* Have a new addition to the family in the form of the sweetest little german shepherd puppy you have ever seen.

* Have another new addition to the family in the form of a sweet motorcycle for me. As my family knows, I have ridden a motorcycle since I was about 8 years old. Gave it up when I got married but have always had the itch to ride again. With the passing of Aunt Genious' husband came the opportunity to purchase his bike. So yep-I'm gonna be a riding mama again. It is a much bigger bike than I am used to and since so much time has passed since I've actually ridden a motorcycle I am enrolling in a rider refresher course. Got to get my skilz back.

* Lil Pea and Pixie are staying with us right now while U*Haul is under the sea. I cannot get enough of our Lil Pea. He is absolutely yummy.

* We are celebrating the end of my two year non compete. Pulling out all of the stops to get us back into the market we all know and love at the office!

* McGyver, Dreamsicle and I are heading to Myrtle Beach next weekend to meet up with our adoption travel group. Dreamsicle cannot stop talking about it she is so excited to see her "girls". Immediately from there Dreamsicle and I are hopping a plane to Orlando so that we can hang out with the Mouse for a week. Two of my real life bff's are going to be down there and we are all hanging together. I cannot wait!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rest In Peace

Dreamsicle's favorite Uncle passed away last night. One of the unintended consequences of older parenting is the sad fact that our girl has to watch people that she loves leave. Not forever, she will be reunited with them all again in Heaven one day but right now it hurts like heck. Please keep Aunt Genious in your prayers. She and her husband have been together some crazy number of years since they started dating when Aunt Genious was just a toddler. Just kidding-I know they have been together a long time though and to lose your life partner at such an early age must be devastating. His passing wasn't a surprise but one of the things that I am taking comfort in right now is that Dreamsicle and I had stopped by their house earlier in the week. He was lucid and was able to spend a few minutes with her. She was able to tell him that she loved him and when she left his room he had a big smile on his face. I'm glad that she has the picture of him in her mind, heck-I'm glad that Aunt Genious and I have that picture in our minds as well. Dreamsicle keeps telling me that she has to see Aunt Genious so that she can hug her and kiss her and make her feel all better. I wish it was that easy baby girl.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Mother's Day

Dreamsicle attends preschool three afternoons a week. She has been all hush-hush, whisper-whisper, giggle-giggle with McGyver telling me that she has a BBBBIIIIGGGG surprise for me. Yesterday I walked in the door of our house and she started yelling/instructing me to "close my eeeeyyyyyeeeess". I dutifully obeyed and I heard her tearing through paper with McGyver whispering to her that Mommy's present was supposed to be opened by Mommy. I was allowed to open my eyes and was given a beautiful four year old hand made stepping stone. I love it. She made one last year in preschool as well so now I have a pair of them. They are simply priceless. Her preschool teacher also had a series of questions that she asked the children to answer. She wrote the answers down and laminated the paper. This is how Dreamsicle answered her questions...

What do you like your mom to do? Cook

What is your mom best at? Showers

Your mom is so smart, she even knows: Me!

Love that kid, absolutely adore her. Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mother's out there.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today I Am Thankful

For a husband who loves me without question

Boys who are strong, confident and making their own way

A daughter in love who loves my son unconditionally

A grandson who is healthy and by all reports, smart as a whip

A daughter that still thinks I hung the moon and the stars just for her pleasure

The terrific group of people that I get to surround myself with each day that I step foot into my office

Hope for the future

Friday, April 23, 2010

Did She Say That?

Can't keep my hands off of the keyboard today apparently. I can't let the whole Ji**ian M*chaels comments go without addressing them.
I have watched the Bigg*st Los*er season after season. I always felt that Ji**ian was tough but seemed to be able to motivate people in situations that others couldn't. To say that I am completely disenchanted with her now would be an understatement. For someone in her position to throw it out there that she has decided to not give birth to a child because she couldn't do that to her body is bad enough but when add on top of that her statement regarding adoption and my eyeballs are about ready to pop out of my head.

Ms. Michaels, we don't adopt to "rescue" babies. We don't adopt because nothing gives us a better feeling than the feeling of having "rescued" someone. Each family has their own personal reasons for choosing to grow their families through adoption but I can assure you that no one that I know made that choice just to get that high feeling from rescuing someone. I beg you, if you are serious that you want to start a family some day, that you research what it means to bring a child into your home through adoption. You owe it to the prospective child to be educated, prepared, and emotionally capable of loving that child before you even think of having your first home study visit.

Stepping off my soapbox now.

Questions, Lots and Lots of Questions

Mama, I have questions. Lots and lots of questions. That is how Dreamsicle starts most of her conversations with me these days. She is completely drawn to her adoption story right now. I tell her the story surrounding how she came to be a part of our family at least 3 times a day. She is starting to struggle with the whole "first mom, first dad" thing and why they couldn't keep her portion due to our inability to tell her why. We don't believe in making up a scenario so we just keep it real and tell her we don't know why. That is a huge concept for an almost five year old to try to grasp. Any other why question she has we can give her an answer to thanks to Mr Internet but that one has no magic answer waiting behind the screen to suddenly appear. We went out to dinner two nights ago and there was a sweet little baby sitting at the next table with blonde hair and big blue eyes. She was excitedly waving at the baby and this is what came out of her mouth "Hi baby, oh look-you are so cute. Hey-wait a minute. Why do you have white hair. Did you just come home from China? Is that why?"
Hmmmm-me thinks we still have a ways to go...

In other news-to the little girls parents that are obviously talking about my daughter in front of their daughter who happens to be in the same preschool class as Dreamsicle. The next time you want to say something to the effect that my daughter just needs to go back to China where she belongs-be adult enough to say those words to me-her mama. The person that will tear you to shreds with words. You've done enough damage to my girl through yours.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

PSA To My Family

Dear loving boys whom I birthed and help shape into the wonderful men that you are today and your itty bitty sister whom I am still in the process of shaping...

Mother's Day is fast approaching and your mamma is hankering for some new gizmo's. Due to the unfortunate "wine incident of 2007" your mamma's cool as heck camera no longer works, nor does the throw in your purse replacement camera that your daddy thought would be an equal substitute for said cool as heck camera (which we all know-not so much). One mamma with no camera does not for a happy house make. Your mamma is also itching for an I*P*d. Think of all of the things it can do/replace to make your mamma happy and more streamlined while traveling with aforementioned itty bitty sister.

So there you go-two options in case you were thinking that flowers were just too much work. :)

Love from your mamma

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Update

I spent yesterday cleaning the house-including Dreamsicle's play room and bedroom. We sorted everything into separate bins/boxes so that they would be easier to find. She helped me out quite a bit so today she has been "rediscovering" all of her toys. This rediscovery led to about 20 minutes of panic this afternoon when she decided that she should "wear" one of her large wooden beads on her finger. Half of a bottle of dish soap later we finally got her "ring" off of her poor swollen finger.

I would like to ask for prayers for McGyver's sister as she wrestles with some hard decisions regarding her husband.

I spent the majority of the day today at a CCW class. When I got home McGyver had done all of our laundry! It sure made for a much more relaxing evening than I was anticipating.

Now I'm just chilling, getting myself geared up for a busy week this week as we build the files for our new clients.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good Day Sunshine

After two years of business he** I am finally seeing the light. We have been blessed with some new business that promises to help give us the leg up financially that we have so desperately needed and there is more in the pipeline. Happy, happy day!

Add to that the phone call I just received letting me know that our medical billing and coding certification courses are going to be offered summer semester at the local college and I am really looking forward to this spring/summer season!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The weather has been beautiful here all week. I stopped by the drugstore to pick up some vitamins and they had a TON of Easter goodies on sale. Suffice it to say that our girl will be having a "hopping" good time opening up her Easter Basket this weekend.

I love this time of year. Everything is new, baby animals are everywhere-such a time of renewed hope that comes along with Easter.

But I do have to share a couple of little funnies that have happened lately. The snow has finally melted at Casa de la Dreamsicle which means that our chickens are running free. Everywhere. Including onto our deck (yes McGyver is fully aware that as much as I love my chickens they must be contained in some manner so that I am not forced to dodge chicken droppings on my way into the house this summer). Anyway-this past weekend Dreamsicle and I were sitting at the kitchen table when heard a peck-peck-pecking sound on the french doors. Imagine our surprise when we turned around to be greeted by 15 pair of chicken eyes staring into the house watching us!

In other fowl news-our office is in the city. I was completely taken by surprise this morning when I pulled into our parking lot to be greeted by a HUGE swan that looked at me like it couldn't figure out if it wanted to peck me or run for its life.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This morning I woke up early. I had to stand on my tiptoes to pull down the box that I keep safely hidden deep within my closet. Surrounded by the darkness, I reached into the box and pulled out the plastic ziplock bag. Oh so carefully, I opened the seal slightly, held the bag containing one tiny little boys outfit to my nose and inhaled. I resealed the bag quickly, the scent is so faint now that I'm not certain that it is still even there. But it has to be there. Even if it is only in my head. I held the bag tightly to my chest and let silent tears fall onto it. Just as quick as I pulled the box down, I placed it back into its hiding spot.

This morning I came into the office. I had to stand on my tiptoes to hug Chester. I breathed in his scent and let silent tears fall onto his chest.

March 24th 1987, the day our world tilted. March 24th 2010, the day we remember our sweet boy. We grieve for our loss still and thank God that we still have Chester. One day, they will be together again for all time and eternity, as will our whole family. Maybe I should rephrase that. One day, our family will once again be made whole.

Rest in peace Angel Baby

Sunday, March 07, 2010


This weekend we had absolutely nothing planned. It provided me with a much needed opportunity to scrub my house and catch up on my mountains of laundry. Dreamsicle and I spent alot of time cleaning her room and play room. I think we have about one more month before she disowns us as her parents if we don't decide on a paint color for her room. I often have to remind myself that my little sprite is only four. Seriously. She tells me that her room is "boring" and it needs to be 'jazzed up". I am thinking of decorating her room in a beach theme so McGyver has some big work ahead of him (I refuse to pay for the types of decorations I want for her room when McGyver can make them for me-think surfboards, wooden flip flops, etc).
Lots of stuff to keep us busy in the coming month!

Monday, March 01, 2010

C'mon Spring!

The sun is shining today. I actually left for work this morning and it was daylight! It is so strange how much winter and the ick that goes with it sucks the lifeblood out of people. Today I feel happy, hopeful and energized. If I keep this up, I'll be unstoppable by the time Summer gets here (yeah right). McGyver and I spent a weekend away with some friends. We had a great time. It was so good to relax and reconnect. I was able to indulge and get a massage and even snuck in a nap. It was awesome. We were at a Safari Club annual meeting where they hold an auction as a fund raiser. They auction things like hunts and fishing expeditions. The end of the night they had a surprise item-a fur coat. McGyver knows how much I suffer in the winter-I can't ever seem to get warm-he ended up being the successful bidder and I won the coat! It is beautiful, something I would never purchase for myself, but oh so roasty, toasty warm. I know I have followers that would probably just as soon throw paint on my coat, but be happy for me-no more freezing in the Mitten State for me! Yippee!

Thursday, February 25, 2010



Wow. Say bye-bye to any extras for awhile in the McGyver home.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I brought home an assortment of candy from Savannah to give to our office team. One of the things I purchased was taffy. Oh the yummy goodness of Savannah taffy. I popped a piece into my mouth yesterday and was met with a resounding "crunch" from the inside of my mouth. It appears as if I broke my tooth while enjoying the treat. Headed to the dentist today. That is going to turn out to be one expensive piece of candy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't Try This At Home

I am very blessed to work with a group of people who know me pretty well. Thank goodness. I took two of the ladies I work with to a lunch meeting with me. I drove. All went well until we were leaving the restaurant in my car. I hate the inconvenience a purse causes in the passenger leg area of any car. I try to be respectful of that leg area, considering it the personal space of the passenger. This always causes a problem for me because I am then left with the dilemna of just where the heck I should place my purse. I thought I had a solution-I held my purse aloft until I shut the door then placed my purse next to my door. Things went pretty well until we turned onto the service road to get out to the expressway. Apparently while holding my purse "aloft" I somehow managed to get the strap of my purse to wrap around the gear shift located on my steering column without me being aware of it. Needless to say the turning of the steering wheel caused the purse strap to wind around the steering wheel until it was so tight that I could not steer the car. This became an immediate problem since it happened so fast that we were left stuck in the opposite lane with me yelling to the two people with me "OMG Help me!" After much unwinding we were able to dislodge the purse from the gear shift and proceed along our merry way. Suffice it to say that I am guessing I won't be the one driving to the next meeting...

Dreams vs Reality

I am a dreamer. Especially when it comes to my family. Ever since I was a little girl I would envision in my head just exactly how a planned event would go. Trouble with being a dreamer and having the outcome of events planned in your head ahead of time is that the dream and the reality rarely have the same ending.

I am selfish. Especially when it comes to my family. I simply cannot get enough face time with my husband and my kids. I want to be around them as much as possible. I love my McGyver tribe. Trouble with being selfish with your family is that there are times when that selfishness doesn't fit with the rest of the fam's plans.

**Sigh**I need to learn to be more fluid. 2010 is teaching me that already.

Monday, February 15, 2010


This is a short week for me. Today, tomorrow and Wednesday I am in the office. Thursday I hop a plane to Savannah for a conference where I will be able to hug my U*Haul, Pixie and Lil Pea since they are going to spend the weekend in the hotel with me. Plans are being made for us to hook up with my wonderful Aunt S and Uncle H who also live down there. I am beside myself with anticipation. Over the course of the next two days in the office I have some pretty important things to accomplish though so wish me luck. We are working in conjuction with our local community college developing a coding and billing certification. They are so hyped about this idea that they want to begin offering it an entire semester sooner than I was expecting. Which means I need to complete the Syllabus and Course Objectives for four courses in two days. Woo-hoo fun times peeps! On top of that, we need to revamp our marketing material and I had given myself a deadline of Wednesday to have the layout to the printer. Hmmm, something tells me that my insomnia may just come in handy for once.

Just a few words of wisdom I wish to dole out to those of you that have small children. When Daddy is choosing a show to watch, perhaps he should really read the description of the show before the show begins. Last night he tuned in to watch the I Should Not Have Survived show. The show dealt with a ship sinking and the ship's crew having to take shelter in a dinghy during a terrible storm. Suffice it to say that there were sharks involved and not all of the people had a happy ending. Dreamsicle watched the whole show-asking solid questions, not acting upset. Until it was time to go to bed. Every five minutes for the next three hours were spent putting her back to bed, reassuring her that there were no sharks in her bedroom. Every. five. minutes. We are heading to Myrtle Beach early this summer, any one care to wager whether or not my daughter will even stick a toe in the ocean?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mrs McGyver's Follies

Allow me to regale you with my ongoing feats of athleticism, coordination and down right good luck.

McGyver and I recently traveled to Las Vegas for a conference. I was feeling quite sassy with the outfit I was wearing. I had a strand of faux pearls around my neck and was completely taken by surprise when out of the blue the pearls string broke, strewing pearls everywhere. My first reaction was to bend down and attempt to pick the pearls up. It soon became apparent that it would be easier to herd cats and McGyver advised that I cease my effort in futility and move on. It was quite comical to see all of the other travelers racing to pick the pearls up though-evidently they thought the pearls would be more comfortable in the pockets of their jeans as I watched people scoop them up and quickly place them in their pants-not ever trying to give them to me. I take comfort in the thought that if they thought they were real, they will be quite surprised when they take them to a jeweler.

I managed to spill beverages or food on myself no less than four times in a three day period.

We stayed at the Wynn but the conference was at Caesars Palace. Our plan was to walk to and from the conference every day. Great idea gone bad. I ended up having to purchase a pair of tennis shoes by the second day-apparently sassy high heels and my feet do not like each other when I attempt to walk long distances. And I swear that the tennis shoes had nothing to do with the countless times I tripped while wearing my high heels during the course of the first day.

I think for our next trip I may invest in a good pair of flats, plan to wear all black to hide spills and be jewelry free. On second thought-another strand of pearls could lead to some free entertainment...

Sunday, February 07, 2010


We received our form last week to register Dreamsicle for kindergarten round up. At first I thought I was just a little sad-still not believing that my little girl is almost old enough to start school. Then I really started to examine what my gut was telling me. Dreamsicle has made such huge progress in the last 3 years but it is becoming more and more apparent that she has some delays. I had a long discussion with her preschool teacher who totally feels the same way. Dreamsicle is very bright but the delays she is overcoming are pretty significant in the context of school. We have made the decision to wait one more year for her to start kindergarten. It looks as if my daughter will be a professional preschooler having gone through the three year old program, and will be repeating the four year old program again next year. I know it is the right thing to do but it makes me so sad. It is going to take me a while to process my feelings about this.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Comments in Chinese

Sooooo, apparently I have someone in China that can get through the whole "must be registered to leave comments" deal. I so rarely get comments *yes people this means you* I know you are reading but you all SELDOM comment. I'm just saying...Oops-sorry, lost track of my point. Anyway as I was saying, I so rarely get comments that I get a little shaky and excited when I actually see that someone has actually taken the time to comment. Imagine my disappointment when the comment I see is half written in Chinese and half in English. From the English words I could tell that it wasn't such a nice comment. My last post got another comment-this time all in Chinese so I have no idea what it says but I deleted it just in case it was in the not so nice category again. Sigh.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Won't Be Asking X*Boy To Decorate A Room...

We have a routine down during the week where McGyver, X*boy and I take turns going in to the office late. This allows us to get Dreamsicle where she needs to go for the day (either day care or pre school) Yesterday was X*Boy's turn to take her to school. I always set her clothes out the night before so that I know that she matches. When class is over for the day, all of the people picking their kids up kind of loiter in the hallway just outside the classroom. Imagine my shock when Dreamsicle came around the corner dressed in a cute little bright red paisley top and a pair of pastel horizontal striped leggings, one size too small! Apparently there was a mishap in the morning involving chocolate milk and the solid red yoga pants that she was supposed to wear so between the two of them, they thought the pants they chose were "perfect" for the top. Note to self from now on...always have an alternative outfit laying out just in case...

Monday, January 04, 2010

Goodbye 2009!

As far as the McGyver family is concerned, 2009 could not be over soon enough. For a year that began with much promise, it ended up being one of the biggest ickfests we have ever experienced. Thankfully with each new day comes a new opportunity-the same holds true for each new year. We start 2010 off with hope in our hearts and our eyes looking towards the future.

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