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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Where Did The Time Go?

So much stuff has happened but apparently I am using facebook waaaayyyy too much when I see that I didn't even post once in November. Where to start...

Halloween was a blast. Dreamsicle really got into it this year. We celebrated Lil Pea's birthday at the zoo on a day when they were having a "Boo at the Zoo" day. All of the kids dressed up, they received candy and treats and the animal exhibits and Dreamsicle got her face painted. Fun, fun day. (Let's pretend that prior to entering the zoo she didn't slip and fall in goose poo. Ick.)

We spent some time in Boston where McGyver and I had a conference to attend. Genious and Dreamsicle went with us and were able to do touristy types of things during the day. It was a great trip.

U*Haul, Pixie and Lil Pea were able to spend a good bit of time with us but are now back in GA, celebrating their holidays as a family. We are sad not to have them here but happy that they are all together. Pixie and Lil Pea will be heading back up to stay with us at some point again when U*Haul goes underway. I sent a ginormous box filled with their Christmas gifts out to them on Saturday. If nothing else, Lil Pea is going to love the box. It is big enough for him to build a fort with!

Dreamsicle and I spent Thanksgiving with the G-unit along with X*Boy and Chester. McGyver usually goes away hunting that week so it was nice to have everyone else together.

My Christmas shopping is complete and I had almost everything wrapped. Notice the word Had in that sentence? Harley crept into our room at some point last night, pulled an entire bag of wrapped gifts down the stairs and proceeded to either a.) unwrap the gift or b.) eat the gift. It should be noted that nothing in that bag was supposed to be edible but apparently she has an unsatiated need for wool socks. Yep-she ate two pair of some crazy special type of wool hunting sock that McGyver had asked for. When I came downstairs this morning I knew something was wrong since she was waiting at the bottom of the steps looking all crazy eyed. Geesh-puppies are fun (or not)

Much sadness and grief has been felt by people close to me lately and I am extremely thankful that they have the gift of a new grandbaby to help them keep pressing forward right now.

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