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Monday, June 25, 2007

This time last year

This time last year I received word that our referral was winging its way across the ocean. I can remember the nervous anticipation that filled my very soul as I tried to sleep on the eve of our referral. Thoughts of our Dreamsicle~would she be healthy, young/old, happy/sad filled the night time hours as I waited for morning to arrive.

The next day June 26th dawned bright and beautiful. I went to work since I had no idea when the phone call would arrive. McGyver called early afternoon to tell me that our adoption agency had left a message on his cell phone but he wanted me to take the call. I called from work and received all of the info on our precious girl. I could not stop crying as I heard the details of our newest family member. "10 months old, a little wisp of a thing but cuter than all get out" was how the person from the adoption agency described her. I had no idea how true that description was until I received her photos later that evening.

One year ago tomorrow, we saw the face of our precious girl for the first time. What a difference a year makes.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The final pics

Dreamsicle filling her Mama's shoes, sleeping after her long day of boating, daddy and Dreamsicle on the boat (notice the grill, yes it is attached to the floating playpen)

And Even More Photos!

Dreamsicle on the boat, corn on the cob, I posted the same pic twice,

I have too many photos to upload at once so here are some more!

Dreamsicle taking her baby for a ride, on the carousel at Disneyland, Chester's last meal before Iraq, just love her shirt, being carried around in U*Haul's work duffle bag

Pics A Plenty, Pics Galore!

Photos of Dreamsicle and Chester, Dreamsicle on the plane to see Chester, Dreamsicle's first corn on the cob, first trip on the floating playpen and various other sweet shots. Enjoy!

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