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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rest In Peace

Dreamsicle's favorite Uncle passed away last night. One of the unintended consequences of older parenting is the sad fact that our girl has to watch people that she loves leave. Not forever, she will be reunited with them all again in Heaven one day but right now it hurts like heck. Please keep Aunt Genious in your prayers. She and her husband have been together some crazy number of years since they started dating when Aunt Genious was just a toddler. Just kidding-I know they have been together a long time though and to lose your life partner at such an early age must be devastating. His passing wasn't a surprise but one of the things that I am taking comfort in right now is that Dreamsicle and I had stopped by their house earlier in the week. He was lucid and was able to spend a few minutes with her. She was able to tell him that she loved him and when she left his room he had a big smile on his face. I'm glad that she has the picture of him in her mind, heck-I'm glad that Aunt Genious and I have that picture in our minds as well. Dreamsicle keeps telling me that she has to see Aunt Genious so that she can hug her and kiss her and make her feel all better. I wish it was that easy baby girl.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Mother's Day

Dreamsicle attends preschool three afternoons a week. She has been all hush-hush, whisper-whisper, giggle-giggle with McGyver telling me that she has a BBBBIIIIGGGG surprise for me. Yesterday I walked in the door of our house and she started yelling/instructing me to "close my eeeeyyyyyeeeess". I dutifully obeyed and I heard her tearing through paper with McGyver whispering to her that Mommy's present was supposed to be opened by Mommy. I was allowed to open my eyes and was given a beautiful four year old hand made stepping stone. I love it. She made one last year in preschool as well so now I have a pair of them. They are simply priceless. Her preschool teacher also had a series of questions that she asked the children to answer. She wrote the answers down and laminated the paper. This is how Dreamsicle answered her questions...

What do you like your mom to do? Cook

What is your mom best at? Showers

Your mom is so smart, she even knows: Me!

Love that kid, absolutely adore her. Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mother's out there.

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