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Friday, October 31, 2008

Things I Love

Wow, I am back to being a blogging machine!

As I am sitting at my desk with the sun shining in on me, I thought it would be a great time to list the things that are making me happy.

1. The sun shining so brightly, especially since today is Halloween.

2. The look of our new office. We really have created a warm, inviting space for people to work in. No sterile grey or white can be found in our little office environment!

3. The positive attitude that permeats this office right now. I LOVE THAT!

4. My Lil Pea.

5. Having U*Haul home and being able to love on him.

6. Dreamsicle. Even on her most stubborn 3 year old day can still make me smile.

7. Mr. McGyver. For all of the reasons listed in my Happy Anniversary Post

8. My extended family. Really. I am so blessed to have an extended family that truly cares about what is happening with me and my fam.

9. Mr. McCrabby whom I love dearly (my father in law). You don't get more salt of the earth than him and we have such a strong connection to each other without actually gushing words of love to each other. We both just know.

10. That the election ads will soon be over. Yeah!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

What? It's not Thanksgiving at your house? Well it is at ours! U*Haul leaves to go back to being a bubble head on Saturday so we are celebrating Thanksgiving and his birthday today. I was baking like a mad woman last night to make sure that I had made everything that he had requested for today's dinner. U*Haul and Pixie will be experiencing their first attempt at the Turkey since I am working today. I thought it might be easier for Pixie to make her first bird while she is still here and I can help her if she needs it. And hello-did you read that I am working??? I can't believe how good it feels to be working again. In a real live office, with real live staff and real live clients. Happy, Happy, Happy! about working!

Lil Pea is keeping his mama and daddy busy. I cannot believe that we have been blessed so much. It is such an honor to watch that little family interact. That baby is definately going to be well loved. As hard as it is going to be to let him go when Pixie and Lil Pea are finally able to join U*Haul, I can rest well in the assurance that they will care for their babe with all that they have in them.

Dreamsicle is thriving preschool. I picked her up on Monday and her teacher came out to share something with me. She was going to read Hump*ty Dump*ty to Dreamsicle and then Dreamsicle told her she wanted to read to the teacher. The following is Dreamsicle's version of Hump*ty Dump*ty...

Humpy Dumpy Sat On Wall
Humpy Dumpy Fall
Humpy Dumpy Cwy (cry)
Humpy Dumpy's mama hug him

That's my girl.
She is going to be a pirate for Halloween. She is practicing her ARRGGH and Ahoy Mates to make sure she has the proper tone and gives the scary one eye look. If I could ever figure out how to U*Tube I would so be posting that here.

Still have not heard from Chester. My heart hurts. Must send another care package. If I can't hear his voice at least he will know we are thinking about him, and trying to fatten him up since it seems as if all I send is chocolate lately!

X*Boy and Mr McGyver are doing well so that about rounds out the family update.

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Never Ending Love

Happy Anniversary Mr McGyver!

It hardly seems possible that we have been joined in matrimony for 24 years. Where did all of that time go? You certainly have held up well-thanks for that!

Speaking of thanks, allow me to list the things I am thankful for about you...

I am thankful that the public school system of which we both attended had the foresight to place us in the same classroom in kindergarten, thus allowing for our statement of "we've known each other our whole lives" to be very true.

I am thankful that you pursued me through out high school even when I was being a twit and trying to set you up with all of my friends.

I am thankful that for as long as I have known you, you have always had a listening ear, a tender heart and big love for lil' old me.

I am thankful that you allow me to chase my dreams and sometimes make those dreams yours too.

I am thankful that when you wrap your huge arms around me I have no fear. Nothing can hurt me when my man is protecting me.

I am thankful that we made 4 beautiful babies together-three of which have turned out to be remarkable young men and that we added a 5th beautiful baby to our family who is going to be just as remarkable.

I am thankful that Dreamsicle has such a loving and fun father to look up to. When I see the way she looks at you with such love and trust it brings me to tears.

I am thankful for the very essence of who you are, my partner, my lover, my best friend.

The *Heart* Of War~Tales From The Mom Side

The first time Chester was deployed, I knew in my very soul that he would be safe. Although I worried, it wasn't gut wrenching-just normal Mom worry that must flow through every military mom's veins.

This time is different. Things that Chester couldn't (or wouldn't) say about this deployment put my Mom-dar on high alert. It is already different. I can feel it. Chester had told us that we would not hear from him as much as we did last time and I am steeling myself up to keep repeating the military family mantra*stop worrying, no news means good news*. It is hard. So. Very. Hard.

His unit has a completely different dynamic to it this time. I think the people that we met when we saw him off seemed to mesh well together but they are definately alot more "moto" than last time. I haven't finished processing what that could mean yet.

I always get teary when I hear the National Anthem or hear a group of people reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. I always have. But having children in the military really brings the fact that our freedom comes with a price that much closer. I am filled with pride over the choice two of our sons have made to serve our Country but become outraged when I listen to the news.

The last thing I heard before heading off to work this morning was that there is a proposed budget cut of 25% for military spending. Are you kidding me? Do my children not deserve the very best in equipment, intelligence and support that We The People can provide? Are their lives worth anything less than that? Yep, the Mama Bear in me is coming out, don't mess with our military.

I hope those that have the ability to stop that cut remember that inside every Soldier, Sailor, Airman and Marine lies the heart of someone's son or daughter. The heart and soul of this country. The beating hearts and souls of this family.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

22 Hours Of Hard Labor

No, I wasn't forced to join a chain gang over the weekend, thus being sentenced to 22 hours of hard labor.

That is the amount of time it took for my new grandson to make his entrance into this world! He is amazingly beautiful-lots of dark hair, a button nose and looooong feet just like his daddy. He has a cleft chin just like his Grandpa C did and both U*Haul and Pixie are over the moon.

For family that care about this kind of stuff...he ended up being delivered by C section, he weighed in at 7lbs 10 oz and is 20 inches long. He does look like he could be part of the old cast of the Saturday Night Live show what with his conehead and all but our hearts have forever been stolen by this tiny little peanut.

I am off to the hospital now to hold my newest love and to breathe in all that is good and right with the world that comes with a new birth.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Second Verse Same As The First

We just returned home from seeing Chester off for round number 2 of playing in the sandbox. We received a call that he had arrived at his original destination safely and that he would call when he reached his final destination.

The second time of sending him off to war wasn't any easier. I am not sure why I thought it would be. In my mind I thought I was prepared. As we sat in our car on base, watching him go through the predeployment ritual, much the same as the first time I kept telling myself that my heart was ready. Then the busses pulled in. I kissed and hugged my son one final time, whispering secret words into his precious ear and watched the man who was once my boy stand tall and proud as he stepped onto that bus. Looking back once he waved. Then he was gone.

This mothers heart hurts just as much now as it did the first round. This deployment is familiar but so different. This time he misses Thanksgiving, his birthday, Christmas-every holiday that you can think of will be spent inside the metal confines of his tank.

So the wait begins. The purchasing of the never ending need for new socks and undies does to. As we wait, we pray. Please God, keep our troops safe.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

When The Lights Go Out, It Sure Gets Dark

It is cold and rainy here in the Mitten State and lots of things are on my mind. Good things, not so good things, confusing things. Things. Things. Things!

First, the good things:
Good Thing #1- We have signed client #2! We are putting the finishing touches on our real live honest to goodness office that is not in my home! I feel anxious, happy and excited all at the same time about this new venture.

Good Thing #2-Our retirement fund is still doing okay.

Good Thing #3-All of my children were able to spend 48 hours together recently. Lots of pictures were taken, some will make it onto this blog at some point in time.

Not So Good Thing #1-We are all sick, sick sick here.

Not So Good Thing #2-Chester called with his deployment date. Which happens to land very close to the scheduled induction of Pixie. I very well may miss my very first grandbaby's entrance into this world.

Confusing Thing #1-Although we are bursting with anticipation about our new business, there are many people who are silently (some not so silently) hoping that we fail. I don't understand that. What kind of a mindset do you have to have to not want to cheer people on? To not want to see someone succeed? Or to be so consumed by what we are doing that it takes over your life. That is some sick, scary stuff I tell you. There have been times in my life when I may not have cared for someone but I was always willing to give them credit for chasing a dream and often times proud when they made their dreams come true. Why can't everyone just want the best for everyone else?

Confusing Thing #2-How can you think you have friendships with people for 10+ years only to find out that those friendships weren't real? I'm still trying to figure out how you can attend (or be in) weddings, be in attendance for funerals, births of babes and such and not hear one word from people that you shared so much with.

Confusing Thing #3-This election. I'm not going to post a political rant here (although I could) but I certainly don't understand why questions are not being raised.

And finally, if you haven't read this blog, go do it. http://blog.cjanerun.com

Read what this family is going through with their sister and brother in law and how the rest of the family is stepping up.

It will certainly put things in perspective.

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