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Monday, October 27, 2008

The *Heart* Of War~Tales From The Mom Side

The first time Chester was deployed, I knew in my very soul that he would be safe. Although I worried, it wasn't gut wrenching-just normal Mom worry that must flow through every military mom's veins.

This time is different. Things that Chester couldn't (or wouldn't) say about this deployment put my Mom-dar on high alert. It is already different. I can feel it. Chester had told us that we would not hear from him as much as we did last time and I am steeling myself up to keep repeating the military family mantra*stop worrying, no news means good news*. It is hard. So. Very. Hard.

His unit has a completely different dynamic to it this time. I think the people that we met when we saw him off seemed to mesh well together but they are definately alot more "moto" than last time. I haven't finished processing what that could mean yet.

I always get teary when I hear the National Anthem or hear a group of people reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. I always have. But having children in the military really brings the fact that our freedom comes with a price that much closer. I am filled with pride over the choice two of our sons have made to serve our Country but become outraged when I listen to the news.

The last thing I heard before heading off to work this morning was that there is a proposed budget cut of 25% for military spending. Are you kidding me? Do my children not deserve the very best in equipment, intelligence and support that We The People can provide? Are their lives worth anything less than that? Yep, the Mama Bear in me is coming out, don't mess with our military.

I hope those that have the ability to stop that cut remember that inside every Soldier, Sailor, Airman and Marine lies the heart of someone's son or daughter. The heart and soul of this country. The beating hearts and souls of this family.

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