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Saturday, June 28, 2008

We Are In Biz!

Someday I may feel up to posting the circumstances that surrounded my decision to leave my job, but that would be an ugly, dark post. Right now I've had my fill of deceipt and lies so wanted to share some good news. I ask for your prayers, good thoughts and positive Karma as we embark upon this new journey...

McGyver and I are opening our own business! The same type of business that I left. Please send some good ju-ju our way as we start marketing our services-need clients STAT!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Have No Words...

It seems as if once every 6 months or so some journalist somewhere decides that they need to spew forth venom. This man is no exception.


I usually don't link to these articles, I normally feel like they don't deserve the extra coverage but this one just hit me the wrong way. Fashion accessory? I think not.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Stuff Rolling Around In My Head

We have been busy, busy, busy here at Casa de Dreamsicle. Who knew staying home with the Princess could wear me out more than a red eye flight home from one of my trips when I was a working gal! I certainly did not.

This girl is SMART. Dudes, I mean scary, scary smart. She retains everything. Even the things I don't want her to. Let me give you an example......

Operation Potty Training is in full swing. She rarely has accidents but sometimes waits until the last possible second to tell you that she has to pee. This forces me to look like a crazed woman as I grab the girl, put her into a football hold (thank God she is still tiny in stature) and run like the wind to the bathroom. Yesterday she had one of those moments where she was literally doubled over with her legs crossed when she finally decided to tell me that she needed to pee. Fine, except for the fact that I was sitting out on the deck, watching her play in her sandbox at the bottom of the deck. I knew there was no way possible I was going to be able to run down the deck, down the steps, grab her in the infamous hold, run back up the steps, run the entire length of the deck, open the door and run through the house to the bathroom in time to allow her to be successful. Having had three boys that I succesfully pottytrained, I decided to pull one out of the boy potty training manual. I ran down the deck, down the steps, whipped her pants down and told her "just this one time you can pee outside like Daddy" (shut up). She thought that was great fun and took care of business. This morning McGyver and I had some business to attend to so Aunt Genious came over to watch Dreamsicle. They were outside playing in the sandbox when Dreamsicle informed Aunt Genious that she had to go. She remembered that I allowed her to do her business outside yesterday and demanded that she be allowed to do the same thing today. Yikes-so much for raising a lady.

We have an annual family pass to the zoo. She starts yelling the moment that we enter the zoo to "turn this way mama" (pointing to the right) so that she can visit the "Gonquins (penguins) first.

She also knows the ways to turn to get home from the grocery store and the day care provider.

She loves the alphabet song. She requests that we sing it many, many times a day. We only have one small problem-she doesn't call it the alphabet song, to her she hears "elephant" so she is constantly requesting the "elephant song". She will be attending preschool two mornings a week this fall. Can't wait until she pulls that request on her teacher.

U*Haul and Pixie have found out that they are having a boy. I'm going to be a Nana to a baby boy. I can't wait to kiss on little boy feet!

Chester called late last week from the field where they are performing "live fire". He has many close friends in his platoon. One of his buddy's had some type of malfunction on his tank and his tank caught on fire. He is severely burned on his legs, arms and hands. Chester is having a hard time dealing with it (who can blame him) and it brings back to the forefront of my mind just how dangerous it is even on US soil to be in the military.

I have no pretty way to end this post.

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