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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Funny What A Little Exercise Will Do

As you can probably tell, I have been stuck in a rut. I forced myself to drag my big old bootie to the gym every day of this week and I am already starting to feel better. Moving my body and the increase in temperatures is certainly helping with my disposition-thank goodness!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Angel On My Mind

Ahhh, the day I dread all year long has somehow snuck up on me. I don't dwell on this date, but somehow my body always knows when March 24th rolls around. This weekend I felt anxious, restless even. I started becoming ugly to the fam on Monday. Today I got to work and felt this wave of nausea, this building of emotion that resulted in my having to close my door and allow myself relief in the form of tears. As I was trying to pull myself together, I was trying to think of what could have possibly triggered this flood of emotion. Then it happened. I looked at the calender. Suddenly everything made sense. Today is the day that my 2nd born passed away. No matter how many years go by, that wave of overwhelming sadness seems to envelope me. *sigh* Grief is a funny thing. You never get over it, you just get used to it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Recap of Vegas

As some of you know (if you follow me on facebook), I had quite the interesting trip to Vegas. In the airport on the way down, I was sitting next to a man who was breathing into a paperbag as we waited to board our plane. I then got sandwiched in between two of the heaviest, sweatiest men I have ever met from Chicago to Vegas. I literally ran to my room once I got my room key just to take a shower. No joke-the stench was awful. Speaking of stench, sat next to someone who had mad gas for the entire day one full day at the conference. Silent but deadly all day long. I think I may have turned a little green by the end of the day. I wanted to check out the pool at the hotel I was staying at, imagine my surprise when I ended up the "clothing optional" pool by mistake! I had to get up super early to catch my flight home. As I was leaving the hotel at 3:30 am I was standing in the taxi line along with alot of young adults. They had been clubbing all night. How do I know this? Might have been when the girl wearing the veil, surrounded by her friends who were actually helping her stay vertical, face planted on the asphalt as she tried to get in the cab-took 4 of her friends down with her. Or the girl who ran from behind me to try to help them, all the while still holding onto an ice pack the hotel had given her to help with the swelling of the black eye she received while at the club. Hmmm, wonder how they all felt the next afternoon. Anyway, it was a good conference and made lots of good contacts. Next time I go I'll try to remember to bring a face mask and elbow pads...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This Week

Started off pretty horrible. Work stuff mostly which seems to be sorting itself out. Merging two companies has certainly had both blessings and challenges. Let's just leave it at that.

We all have been sick in the McGyver house since Sunday. Each with a different virus-this freaks me out to no end~ I will have you know. I just keep having visions of catching the other two forms of illness running rampant through my home, yuck. If I help wash Dreamsicle's hands any more she has informed me that they will most certainly fall off her body.

I keep trying to look forward to the end of the week when I leave for Vegas. Things being what they are, McGyver has cancelled his portion of the trip so I'm on my own this time 'round. Long conference days should keep me busy and it might do me some good to just be able to catch up on a good book and rest during my off time. Hopefully Ms Ginger will be in town while I am there so I can catch up with my multi state living sista.

Just to make you smile-imagine my three year old singing the title track to Mama Mia and dancing the entire way through it. Over. and over. and over. and over. Her day care provider has the DVD and has obviously allowed the little three year old fashionista's to view it on more than one occasion. It does make me smile.

Monday, March 09, 2009


I am sick. And tired. No really-I am sick and tired. But then, there is the other kind of sick and tired which I am in the throes of as well. So much deceit, so much anxiety. So much....

Can you all who know me in real life do me one small favor please? PLEASE?

Be who you say you are, do what you say you are going to do, don't hide in the shadows and please above everything else-just. be. honest.

Thank you.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Big Daddy

Yep, that is what Dreamsicle is now calling McGyver. I have no idea where she picked that one up but it is so hysterical (and so fitting). McGyver went away for the night on Saturday. She woke up Sunday morning wondering where her "Big Daddy" was. McGyver is 5'11" but is very big so it is totally appropriate for my littlest of little girls to think of him in that context. He is so stuck with that name from now on. Ha!

Dreamsicle and I had an action packed weekend. I took the day off from work on Friday and we met with some of our playgroup at a place called Play*World. An entire building of bouncy houses and slides, games and more! She had a blast. The only bad thing was that I really enjoy visiting with the other moms and at a place like this, you are kind of forced to go where your kid wants to go. Dreamsicle being the timid one wasn't about to crawl through the tubes and mazes like the other girls so there wasn't alot of visiting going on. We then headed out to do some clothes shopping for the little darlin. I am so in trouble. My girl is already showing signs of becoming a fashionista. She was very vocal about what she likes and doesn't like. She's three people! She is definately channeling my now deceased mother in law-no pastel, demure solid colors for our babe. Everything MUST! BE! COLORFUL! or ANIMAL PRINT! or she wanted nothing to do with it. The other shoppers were cracking up as they heard this little sweet looking thing veto one frilly little grey frock I happened to pick up. I was eyeing the thing picturing how sweet Dreamsicle would look in it when she proclaimed to all within earshot-"Mama, I not like that, it not pretty. Put that back please. Hmmmmm.

We survived Disn*ey On I*ce on Saturday. She was waving and clapping until she couldn't wave any longer. Passed out in the car on the way home and slept like a log all night long.

Now it's back to reality but only 4 more days until we can have more fun together.

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