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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Family Life

Pictures of Dreamsicle at the zoo, the Children's Museum and the best one of all...Don't you wish you could have this much fun? It started raining unexpectedly one day while Dreamsicle was playing in her sandbox. She had such a blast splashing through the puddles on the way into the house that I had to snap a photo when she finally decided it was time to come in and get dry. And yes, that really is a 40 pound bag of dog food. Rottweilers. eat. alot.
In other news: U*Haul is graduating at the top of his class. This mama could not be prouder. He is coming home this Friday and I'm not sure Pixie is going to sleep a wink until then she is so excited to see him.
Then next Friday Chester and his new friend whom I will refer to as "Siren" are coming in from Cali for his predeployment leave. I am so dang proud of him as well. He was just promoted so both of my military men are doing well.
X*Boy is still loving life working for us.
Now on to a PSA***I have a sitemeter turned on here so those of you that are now following my blog from The Arrogants Office need to know that I can tell who you are*** And may I just remind you that reading blogs on company time is a serious offense. I should know, I wrote that policy. :) Please run along, you will not get any dirt on any one from this here family friendly blog.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Now We Are Cooking With Gas!

We signed our first account last Friday-bring on the resumes!

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