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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today I Am Thankful

For a husband who loves me without question

Boys who are strong, confident and making their own way

A daughter in love who loves my son unconditionally

A grandson who is healthy and by all reports, smart as a whip

A daughter that still thinks I hung the moon and the stars just for her pleasure

The terrific group of people that I get to surround myself with each day that I step foot into my office

Hope for the future

Friday, April 23, 2010

Did She Say That?

Can't keep my hands off of the keyboard today apparently. I can't let the whole Ji**ian M*chaels comments go without addressing them.
I have watched the Bigg*st Los*er season after season. I always felt that Ji**ian was tough but seemed to be able to motivate people in situations that others couldn't. To say that I am completely disenchanted with her now would be an understatement. For someone in her position to throw it out there that she has decided to not give birth to a child because she couldn't do that to her body is bad enough but when add on top of that her statement regarding adoption and my eyeballs are about ready to pop out of my head.

Ms. Michaels, we don't adopt to "rescue" babies. We don't adopt because nothing gives us a better feeling than the feeling of having "rescued" someone. Each family has their own personal reasons for choosing to grow their families through adoption but I can assure you that no one that I know made that choice just to get that high feeling from rescuing someone. I beg you, if you are serious that you want to start a family some day, that you research what it means to bring a child into your home through adoption. You owe it to the prospective child to be educated, prepared, and emotionally capable of loving that child before you even think of having your first home study visit.

Stepping off my soapbox now.

Questions, Lots and Lots of Questions

Mama, I have questions. Lots and lots of questions. That is how Dreamsicle starts most of her conversations with me these days. She is completely drawn to her adoption story right now. I tell her the story surrounding how she came to be a part of our family at least 3 times a day. She is starting to struggle with the whole "first mom, first dad" thing and why they couldn't keep her portion due to our inability to tell her why. We don't believe in making up a scenario so we just keep it real and tell her we don't know why. That is a huge concept for an almost five year old to try to grasp. Any other why question she has we can give her an answer to thanks to Mr Internet but that one has no magic answer waiting behind the screen to suddenly appear. We went out to dinner two nights ago and there was a sweet little baby sitting at the next table with blonde hair and big blue eyes. She was excitedly waving at the baby and this is what came out of her mouth "Hi baby, oh look-you are so cute. Hey-wait a minute. Why do you have white hair. Did you just come home from China? Is that why?"
Hmmmm-me thinks we still have a ways to go...

In other news-to the little girls parents that are obviously talking about my daughter in front of their daughter who happens to be in the same preschool class as Dreamsicle. The next time you want to say something to the effect that my daughter just needs to go back to China where she belongs-be adult enough to say those words to me-her mama. The person that will tear you to shreds with words. You've done enough damage to my girl through yours.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

PSA To My Family

Dear loving boys whom I birthed and help shape into the wonderful men that you are today and your itty bitty sister whom I am still in the process of shaping...

Mother's Day is fast approaching and your mamma is hankering for some new gizmo's. Due to the unfortunate "wine incident of 2007" your mamma's cool as heck camera no longer works, nor does the throw in your purse replacement camera that your daddy thought would be an equal substitute for said cool as heck camera (which we all know-not so much). One mamma with no camera does not for a happy house make. Your mamma is also itching for an I*P*d. Think of all of the things it can do/replace to make your mamma happy and more streamlined while traveling with aforementioned itty bitty sister.

So there you go-two options in case you were thinking that flowers were just too much work. :)

Love from your mamma

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Update

I spent yesterday cleaning the house-including Dreamsicle's play room and bedroom. We sorted everything into separate bins/boxes so that they would be easier to find. She helped me out quite a bit so today she has been "rediscovering" all of her toys. This rediscovery led to about 20 minutes of panic this afternoon when she decided that she should "wear" one of her large wooden beads on her finger. Half of a bottle of dish soap later we finally got her "ring" off of her poor swollen finger.

I would like to ask for prayers for McGyver's sister as she wrestles with some hard decisions regarding her husband.

I spent the majority of the day today at a CCW class. When I got home McGyver had done all of our laundry! It sure made for a much more relaxing evening than I was anticipating.

Now I'm just chilling, getting myself geared up for a busy week this week as we build the files for our new clients.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good Day Sunshine

After two years of business he** I am finally seeing the light. We have been blessed with some new business that promises to help give us the leg up financially that we have so desperately needed and there is more in the pipeline. Happy, happy day!

Add to that the phone call I just received letting me know that our medical billing and coding certification courses are going to be offered summer semester at the local college and I am really looking forward to this spring/summer season!

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