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Thursday, April 22, 2010

PSA To My Family

Dear loving boys whom I birthed and help shape into the wonderful men that you are today and your itty bitty sister whom I am still in the process of shaping...

Mother's Day is fast approaching and your mamma is hankering for some new gizmo's. Due to the unfortunate "wine incident of 2007" your mamma's cool as heck camera no longer works, nor does the throw in your purse replacement camera that your daddy thought would be an equal substitute for said cool as heck camera (which we all know-not so much). One mamma with no camera does not for a happy house make. Your mamma is also itching for an I*P*d. Think of all of the things it can do/replace to make your mamma happy and more streamlined while traveling with aforementioned itty bitty sister.

So there you go-two options in case you were thinking that flowers were just too much work. :)

Love from your mamma

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