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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Stuff a Kleenex Up Your Nose

I am sick. Sicker than I have been in a very long time. So sick that I somehow managed to shred the inside of my upper lip because I was too dang tired to bother moving the electric toothbrush around in my mouth and my lip got caught in the spinner thingy. So sick that I didn't remember to rinse the conditioner out of my hair until I attempted to comb it while getting dressed. I stayed home from work yesterday but had a few meetings that I really couldn't miss today so I went in. I ended up losing my voice and left early. On the way home I stopped at my bank to make a deposit. I'm a sneezy, nose blowing fool and I was standing in line behind a little boy and his mother. He watched me for a few minutes then tugged on my pant leg and asked me; why don't you just stuff a kleenex up your nose? Hmmm, why not?

Friday, February 24, 2006

How Boring Am I?

How boring am I? I'm so boring that as I was tooling around on the vast internet reading my favorite blogs I realized that I have been removed from not one, not two, but THREE people's blog roles! Sheesh, what a blow to the old ego. Not much to report though. I'm experiencing a serious case of pity party-ness since we received the news today that referrals were only given through some crazy date like May 25th or May 27th. Can someone please bake Mr CCAA some cookies to butter him up enough to start including more LID's with each referral cycle? Pretty please? Our date with Dreamsicle seems to keep being pushed further and further back. I am becoming more and more convinced that she will be 12 years old by the time we actually get to meet her (I think I may have bought clothes a tad too small) since the wait keeps increasing. It really is hard looking at people month after month and having to explain one more time that no, we do not know when we will receive our referral, no we do not know how old she is,yes we are sure we still want to go through with this. Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah.


Chester will be coming home next week for 20 days as a recruiter's assistant, he will return to Fort Knox when his Tanker School actually starts this time.

U*Haul just got word that he has been offered a place in the freshman class of his number one pick for college and has been offered a position on the football team! Yeah U*Haul! Please, please, please Mr CCAA man, please allow us to have Dreamsicle home before U*Haul's football games start this fall.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Frozen Tundra Nesting

I am back from California and the weather knows it. Thankfully the weather in Cali was nice, just very, very foggy (which gave me an even greater excuse to visit the spa-too much fog to do much sight seeing...must get massage instead). Now that I am back home, Pig Pen's Sister has once again appeared. I arrived home to fairly mild weather, until yesterday. The storm of '06 emerged. The weather forecast predicted freezing rain and snow but when I woke up the conditions weren't too bad. I drove to work, which is an hour away from my house and throughout the course of the day was treated to Lightning! and Thunder! and Hail! early in the afternoon McGyver called to let me know that if I wanted to sleep in my own bed I needed to head home right then or plan on getting a hotel room here in town since there was already a half an inch of freezing rain on the ground. I packed up and arrived home 2 hours later. The location of our home allows us to be on the same electrical power lines as the Dam near our house so we rarely lose power for more than 10 minutes since the Dam MUST HAVE POWER so we settled in for a long night of relaxation. I felt an overwhelming urge to start putting Dreamsicle's stuff in order. Just as I was preparing to wash the first load of her clothes that I have already purchased the power went out. It came back on almost immediately but continued to go off and come back on minutes later for the better part of the evening. I decided that there would be no clothes washing happening with this kind of crazy thing continuing so I was going to move on to assembling her crib. Just then the power went out again and stayed off. How is a mom to be supposed to nest with no power? Geeze. At that point I was ready to go to bed. Jumped into a sweatsuit and piled a million covers on the bed preparing for a chilly night when who comes in to save the day? McGyver of course! He opened the bedroom door, made his way over to my side of the bed and set down a portable heater. Once he had it lit I asked him what the kids were going to do. He had that covered as well-a fire was already roaring in the fireplace and they were all planning on spending the night in the living room. After having gone to all of that trouble to make sure we were well prepared for the night the power came back on. We don't have a garage and when I woke up this morning I fully expected to have to do some serious ice removal on my vehicle. I was completely blown away when I walked outside to find my vehicle lovingly wrapped in a big blue tarp so all that I had to do was remove the tarp and be on my way.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Pig Pen's Sister

Remember the Charlie Brown character named Pig Pen? The dude that always had the dust cloud follow him? I think I'm his sister. We went to see Chester this weekend. When we arrived on Friday it was 60 degrees. I was in heaven. We woke up on Saturday morning to the balmy temperature of 27 degrees and snow! It continued to snow all through Saturday and in to Sunday when we left. When we hit the state line my cell phone rang. It was Chester. He said "bet you're not in Kentucky anymore are you?" I told him that no as a matter of fact we had just left that great state. He then proceeded to tell me that he could tell-it had just stopped snowing and the sun had started to shine.

I leave for California in two days-just to give any readers in Cali a heads up, please buy an umbrella, Pig Pen's sister is coming to town.

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