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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Metcha Day 2006!

August 28th, 2006 was so hot. We had arrived in Jiangxi earlier in the day and took a bus to a government office. I can remember riding the elevator up to floor number 7. When we stepped off the elevator you could hear babies. As we entered the room that held our babies, I laid eyes on Dreamsicle for the first time. She was holding on to her Ayi, lightly tapping her leg over and over. She had little tufts of bird hair and was the tiniest of the tiny. Wearing summer Strawberry Shortcake pajamas and pink shoes. My heart was pounding so loud I really thought that the other families would most certainly be able to hear it. I could hardly contain myself as I watched her, mesmerized by her every move. At one point, while our guide was having a conversation with the orphanage director I was aching to hold Dreamsicle so badly that I pleaded with McGyver to "just go get her". It happened soon enough, we were the second family called. When they finally placed her in my arms, I took her to a quiet corner of the room and don't remember a thing about the rest of the families getting their babies. I was so deeply in love at that very moment that the rest of the world seemed out of focus. Time seemed to stand still as I held her and we scoped each other out. There were what seemed like hours of waiting around after that, completing paperwork, sweating like never before, impatiently waiting to be able to go back to the hotel to begin our lives together as a family.
Here we are one year later. The tiniest of the tiny has grown so much, come so far, completely entrenched herself into the fiber of our very beings. Thanks for allowing us to parent you Dreamsicle. We are so blessed

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Social Worker

It is done. The social worker social working portion of our adoption was completed last Monday. Said social worker visited the house commented on how far Dreamsicle has come since our 6 month post placement and left. So the official part is complete. Almost. I still have not applied for Dreamsicle's birth certificate. This I must do soon~note to self.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

This Girl That Is Two

Where has my baby gone? This girl that is two is so quickly changing before my eyes. Her ever expanding vocabulary is so exciting to hear except. except. inexplicably she has suddenly decided that the word "sit" must now have an "h: in it after the "s". Hmmmm, perhaps Daddy needs to be more aware of his language...She can clearly identify every member of our family but absolutely refuses to say her name. I'm getting a little worried that she may find herself going to kindergarten and signing the word "duck" when they ask her her name. These are the pics of Dreamsicle getting ready to watch the parade on the Fourth of July. Yes, there really is a full scale nativity scene in the background of one of these pictures. What? You mean to tell me that your town doesn't pull out the Christmas decorations for 4th of July?

Friday, August 03, 2007

Thank You

To Dreamsicles birth parents. Thank you for the choice you made. We will light a candle to honor and remember you every year on her birthday just as we did yesterday.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Today our Dreamsicle turns two. TWO! The theme for the birthday party is Two for Two. We have a whole lot of celebrating to do to make up for birthday number one which came and went without us being united as a family. So today Dreamiscle will be receiving two presents and two cakes.

In her referral paperwork one of the words to describe her was clever. That she is. We went out to eat last Sunday. I gave her a sip of my soda and she wanted more. I redirected her to her milk but she was sitting right next to me. She pointed over my shoulder and asked "what's that?" I looked away to see what she was pointing at only to turn back around and find her sipping on my soda again!

Our girl is the most tenderhearted, loving child I have ever encountered. She touches every single person she meets. I look back on our family 3 years ago and now realize that it never would have been complete if she had not joined it. Thank you Dreamsicle for completing our family circle. We love you and are so glad you are finally home.

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