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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Today our Dreamsicle turns two. TWO! The theme for the birthday party is Two for Two. We have a whole lot of celebrating to do to make up for birthday number one which came and went without us being united as a family. So today Dreamiscle will be receiving two presents and two cakes.

In her referral paperwork one of the words to describe her was clever. That she is. We went out to eat last Sunday. I gave her a sip of my soda and she wanted more. I redirected her to her milk but she was sitting right next to me. She pointed over my shoulder and asked "what's that?" I looked away to see what she was pointing at only to turn back around and find her sipping on my soda again!

Our girl is the most tenderhearted, loving child I have ever encountered. She touches every single person she meets. I look back on our family 3 years ago and now realize that it never would have been complete if she had not joined it. Thank you Dreamsicle for completing our family circle. We love you and are so glad you are finally home.

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