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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

This Girl That Is Two

Where has my baby gone? This girl that is two is so quickly changing before my eyes. Her ever expanding vocabulary is so exciting to hear except. except. inexplicably she has suddenly decided that the word "sit" must now have an "h: in it after the "s". Hmmmm, perhaps Daddy needs to be more aware of his language...She can clearly identify every member of our family but absolutely refuses to say her name. I'm getting a little worried that she may find herself going to kindergarten and signing the word "duck" when they ask her her name. These are the pics of Dreamsicle getting ready to watch the parade on the Fourth of July. Yes, there really is a full scale nativity scene in the background of one of these pictures. What? You mean to tell me that your town doesn't pull out the Christmas decorations for 4th of July?

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