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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fun, fun, fun!

I had to go to DC this past weekend for work. While there I met up with one my of blogging buddies. Can I just tell you that I had an absolutely marvelous time? You know how when you meet someone for the first time your half afraid that they will end up being a freak? I'm happy to say that meeting S was probably one of my most non freakiest encounters ever. She totally rocks! We stayed up late, ate good food, did all of the touristy DC things and had a splendid time. There was one little problem though-it had been a long time since S had been to DC. I was great at being able to show her the landmarks most of the time. Some of the buildings just completely escaped me. I could not for the life of me remember what some of the buildings were. So I'd tell her to take a picture because I knew it was something of historical importance and hoped that her husband W would be able to identify them. We joked that she could post the pictures on her blog and do a "Where in the world is S" just to see who could tell us what the names of the buildings are. That would be fun. I'm hoping to get her and her fabulous family up to the mitten state sometime this summer so she can experience the "floating playpen" for herself. Can't wait!

Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm Not A Gunslinger, really

McGyver loves to watch old western movies. You know the kind-with the showdown on the one street that runs through town and the crazy music in the background. I'm getting a little worried about myself. I can actually hear some of that music in my head now. You see, since Chester left my Blackberry is attached at my hip. Literally. I carry it with me every where I go since I'm never going to know when or where he will call (please God, don't let it be while I'm using the restroom, I would have no choice but to answer it!). Anyway, having the darn device attached to my hip makes me feel like I'm packing some heat. Instead of drawing my gun, I'll be drawing my phone out of its holster. Ready to fire by pushing the answer button. Oy it's going to be a long 7 months.

I sent his first care package out today. That was pretty fun. I actually giggled a little at the things I put in there because he will think they are funny and I know he will be comforted.

In Dreamsicle news...she was an absolute dream on our trip. She ate like a big girl, slept great and was a happy, happy little girl. The way she pronounces Chester's real name would melt even the coldest heart. They bonded so strongly during this trip. Chester kept asking her to please remember him which broke my heart. We went to Disneyland where she thought riding in the stroller people watching and listening to the music was much more fun then having her daddy and mommy put her on the carousel. We got a few pictures of her with characters but she wasn't too thrilled with the whole idea of having a couple of large mice next to her. She did go crazy over Donald Duck and Chip and Dale though. She thought they rocked the house and kept yelling Chip! Chip! Chip (which ticked Dale off since she kept calling him Chip! too). I think she wants to marry Donald. That's how enamoured our girl was with the crazy duck.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Please don't say you're sorry

We just returned home today from California. The purpose of the trip was to see Chester off. Our son is a Marine. A very proud Marine. He enlisted into the Marine Corps with his eyes wide open about the Iraqi conflict. He knew that he would be called to serve over there at some point in his career and this is the time. As much as this mother's heart hurts for the danger that he will face, it pales in comparison to the pride that fills my chest over the man that he has become.

Our family and friends were alerted to the fact that the time had come for Chester to go and many offered words of encouragement. Some, however, did not. They offered their sympathy instead. To the parents of a Marine, Soldier, Airman or Sailor who is serving their country~telling them you are sorry that their child has chosen to serve is much like slapping them in the face. If not for these brave men and women, where would our country be? I gladly passed along the well wishes from back home, told Chester of the many, many people that asked us to convey their thanks for his service, but kept the offers of condolensce to myself.

So our countdown begins. Every day that he is gone is one day closer to his return. We will pray for his safety, load him up with as many comforts from home as we can along the way and be there to grab him when he lands back on US soil. At that time I hope the only thing he ever hears is "Thank you and Welcome Home".

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