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Friday, August 27, 2010

5 year old angst

Dreamsicle just turned 5 and what I firestorm I have started with our decision not to have her start kindergarten this year. From the cashier in the grocery store to a fellow adoptive mom it seems as if I am breaking a cardinal rule that I did not know existed. Thou MUST enroll your child in kindergarten when they turn 5. Ready or not.
Dreamsicle is the slightest of slighty little girls that you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. She has a memory that continually amazes me. But the thing is-she is still a little on the wobbly side when it comes to things like articulation, small motor skills, etc. And don't get me started on my sweet little long legged beauty that still needs to grow into her body and be able to get it to move the way she wants it to. Add to all of this the fact that she does not have a mean bone in her body (which means that she could very well have gotten chewed up and spit out by the batch of mean girls she would have been attending kindergarten with had she started this year) and it was the right decision for our family.
It was the only decision actually.
That being said, why am I left having to defend our decision? I have honestly never heard anyone that started their child when they were six say that they regretted that decision but I have certainly heard plenty of people say that they wished they would have waited to start their child until they were six.
The thing is-so many people make comments about it that now my little Dreamsicle has started questioning if "shomefing" (something) is wrong with her that kept her from being able to start school this year. That question breaks my heart. Add this to the list of conversations I never thought I would have to have with my little girl...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to my McGyver

Ah my love, can it really be that today is your birthday? You still look young-ish for your age and that makes me so happy. This past two years has been filled with ick and uck and you have held us together. You are the glue that binds this family. You are the glue that holds me together. Especially on the days when I feel all shattered. Thank you for being what my vision of a husband should be. The leader of our household. The man that adores me. The father that offers sage advice and listens well to his sons. And the perfect Daddy to one five year old piece of delish-ishness. I love you. Happy Birthday.

So much happening

You know when you have been doing a million things but you can't remember what the million things you have been doing that have taken up all of your time are? That's me right now. We celebrated one awesome little Dreamsicle's 5th birthday. We have attended the birthday parties of a few other awesome little 5 year olds. We spent the weekend in a little town upper more north of us that had a steam engine show. We camped. In a field. In 80+ degree weather. With. NO. Shower. except on Saturday night friends of ours pulled in with their travel trailer (we had our truck camper) and took pity on me and offered their shower. I immediately jumped for joy, grapped my soap on a rope and jumped into their shower. Except they forgot to light the propane. So I jumped back out-f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g. With wet drippy hair. It was still alot of fun and Dreamsicle made her very own jump rope just like they did way back in the day. It was educational and fun for all of us. We have been having Monday night friend dinners. Each Monday we take a turn at someone's house where we all gather, stuff ourselves silly and enjoy each other's company. It has been a great Monday night thing to look forward to each week. But now it ends next week. School starts, Dreamsicle and the fabulous A will have dance on Monday nights. It was a good run. Speaking of running-I haven't been. At. all. McGyver and I head out to Vegas at the end of September and I so am not looking forward to wearing my I have not been running at all body while I am out there. I should probably start doing something about that. Stat.

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