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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So much happening

You know when you have been doing a million things but you can't remember what the million things you have been doing that have taken up all of your time are? That's me right now. We celebrated one awesome little Dreamsicle's 5th birthday. We have attended the birthday parties of a few other awesome little 5 year olds. We spent the weekend in a little town upper more north of us that had a steam engine show. We camped. In a field. In 80+ degree weather. With. NO. Shower. except on Saturday night friends of ours pulled in with their travel trailer (we had our truck camper) and took pity on me and offered their shower. I immediately jumped for joy, grapped my soap on a rope and jumped into their shower. Except they forgot to light the propane. So I jumped back out-f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g. With wet drippy hair. It was still alot of fun and Dreamsicle made her very own jump rope just like they did way back in the day. It was educational and fun for all of us. We have been having Monday night friend dinners. Each Monday we take a turn at someone's house where we all gather, stuff ourselves silly and enjoy each other's company. It has been a great Monday night thing to look forward to each week. But now it ends next week. School starts, Dreamsicle and the fabulous A will have dance on Monday nights. It was a good run. Speaking of running-I haven't been. At. all. McGyver and I head out to Vegas at the end of September and I so am not looking forward to wearing my I have not been running at all body while I am out there. I should probably start doing something about that. Stat.

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