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Thursday, February 25, 2010



Wow. Say bye-bye to any extras for awhile in the McGyver home.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I brought home an assortment of candy from Savannah to give to our office team. One of the things I purchased was taffy. Oh the yummy goodness of Savannah taffy. I popped a piece into my mouth yesterday and was met with a resounding "crunch" from the inside of my mouth. It appears as if I broke my tooth while enjoying the treat. Headed to the dentist today. That is going to turn out to be one expensive piece of candy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't Try This At Home

I am very blessed to work with a group of people who know me pretty well. Thank goodness. I took two of the ladies I work with to a lunch meeting with me. I drove. All went well until we were leaving the restaurant in my car. I hate the inconvenience a purse causes in the passenger leg area of any car. I try to be respectful of that leg area, considering it the personal space of the passenger. This always causes a problem for me because I am then left with the dilemna of just where the heck I should place my purse. I thought I had a solution-I held my purse aloft until I shut the door then placed my purse next to my door. Things went pretty well until we turned onto the service road to get out to the expressway. Apparently while holding my purse "aloft" I somehow managed to get the strap of my purse to wrap around the gear shift located on my steering column without me being aware of it. Needless to say the turning of the steering wheel caused the purse strap to wind around the steering wheel until it was so tight that I could not steer the car. This became an immediate problem since it happened so fast that we were left stuck in the opposite lane with me yelling to the two people with me "OMG Help me!" After much unwinding we were able to dislodge the purse from the gear shift and proceed along our merry way. Suffice it to say that I am guessing I won't be the one driving to the next meeting...

Dreams vs Reality

I am a dreamer. Especially when it comes to my family. Ever since I was a little girl I would envision in my head just exactly how a planned event would go. Trouble with being a dreamer and having the outcome of events planned in your head ahead of time is that the dream and the reality rarely have the same ending.

I am selfish. Especially when it comes to my family. I simply cannot get enough face time with my husband and my kids. I want to be around them as much as possible. I love my McGyver tribe. Trouble with being selfish with your family is that there are times when that selfishness doesn't fit with the rest of the fam's plans.

**Sigh**I need to learn to be more fluid. 2010 is teaching me that already.

Monday, February 15, 2010


This is a short week for me. Today, tomorrow and Wednesday I am in the office. Thursday I hop a plane to Savannah for a conference where I will be able to hug my U*Haul, Pixie and Lil Pea since they are going to spend the weekend in the hotel with me. Plans are being made for us to hook up with my wonderful Aunt S and Uncle H who also live down there. I am beside myself with anticipation. Over the course of the next two days in the office I have some pretty important things to accomplish though so wish me luck. We are working in conjuction with our local community college developing a coding and billing certification. They are so hyped about this idea that they want to begin offering it an entire semester sooner than I was expecting. Which means I need to complete the Syllabus and Course Objectives for four courses in two days. Woo-hoo fun times peeps! On top of that, we need to revamp our marketing material and I had given myself a deadline of Wednesday to have the layout to the printer. Hmmm, something tells me that my insomnia may just come in handy for once.

Just a few words of wisdom I wish to dole out to those of you that have small children. When Daddy is choosing a show to watch, perhaps he should really read the description of the show before the show begins. Last night he tuned in to watch the I Should Not Have Survived show. The show dealt with a ship sinking and the ship's crew having to take shelter in a dinghy during a terrible storm. Suffice it to say that there were sharks involved and not all of the people had a happy ending. Dreamsicle watched the whole show-asking solid questions, not acting upset. Until it was time to go to bed. Every five minutes for the next three hours were spent putting her back to bed, reassuring her that there were no sharks in her bedroom. Every. five. minutes. We are heading to Myrtle Beach early this summer, any one care to wager whether or not my daughter will even stick a toe in the ocean?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mrs McGyver's Follies

Allow me to regale you with my ongoing feats of athleticism, coordination and down right good luck.

McGyver and I recently traveled to Las Vegas for a conference. I was feeling quite sassy with the outfit I was wearing. I had a strand of faux pearls around my neck and was completely taken by surprise when out of the blue the pearls string broke, strewing pearls everywhere. My first reaction was to bend down and attempt to pick the pearls up. It soon became apparent that it would be easier to herd cats and McGyver advised that I cease my effort in futility and move on. It was quite comical to see all of the other travelers racing to pick the pearls up though-evidently they thought the pearls would be more comfortable in the pockets of their jeans as I watched people scoop them up and quickly place them in their pants-not ever trying to give them to me. I take comfort in the thought that if they thought they were real, they will be quite surprised when they take them to a jeweler.

I managed to spill beverages or food on myself no less than four times in a three day period.

We stayed at the Wynn but the conference was at Caesars Palace. Our plan was to walk to and from the conference every day. Great idea gone bad. I ended up having to purchase a pair of tennis shoes by the second day-apparently sassy high heels and my feet do not like each other when I attempt to walk long distances. And I swear that the tennis shoes had nothing to do with the countless times I tripped while wearing my high heels during the course of the first day.

I think for our next trip I may invest in a good pair of flats, plan to wear all black to hide spills and be jewelry free. On second thought-another strand of pearls could lead to some free entertainment...

Sunday, February 07, 2010


We received our form last week to register Dreamsicle for kindergarten round up. At first I thought I was just a little sad-still not believing that my little girl is almost old enough to start school. Then I really started to examine what my gut was telling me. Dreamsicle has made such huge progress in the last 3 years but it is becoming more and more apparent that she has some delays. I had a long discussion with her preschool teacher who totally feels the same way. Dreamsicle is very bright but the delays she is overcoming are pretty significant in the context of school. We have made the decision to wait one more year for her to start kindergarten. It looks as if my daughter will be a professional preschooler having gone through the three year old program, and will be repeating the four year old program again next year. I know it is the right thing to do but it makes me so sad. It is going to take me a while to process my feelings about this.

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