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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mrs McGyver's Follies

Allow me to regale you with my ongoing feats of athleticism, coordination and down right good luck.

McGyver and I recently traveled to Las Vegas for a conference. I was feeling quite sassy with the outfit I was wearing. I had a strand of faux pearls around my neck and was completely taken by surprise when out of the blue the pearls string broke, strewing pearls everywhere. My first reaction was to bend down and attempt to pick the pearls up. It soon became apparent that it would be easier to herd cats and McGyver advised that I cease my effort in futility and move on. It was quite comical to see all of the other travelers racing to pick the pearls up though-evidently they thought the pearls would be more comfortable in the pockets of their jeans as I watched people scoop them up and quickly place them in their pants-not ever trying to give them to me. I take comfort in the thought that if they thought they were real, they will be quite surprised when they take them to a jeweler.

I managed to spill beverages or food on myself no less than four times in a three day period.

We stayed at the Wynn but the conference was at Caesars Palace. Our plan was to walk to and from the conference every day. Great idea gone bad. I ended up having to purchase a pair of tennis shoes by the second day-apparently sassy high heels and my feet do not like each other when I attempt to walk long distances. And I swear that the tennis shoes had nothing to do with the countless times I tripped while wearing my high heels during the course of the first day.

I think for our next trip I may invest in a good pair of flats, plan to wear all black to hide spills and be jewelry free. On second thought-another strand of pearls could lead to some free entertainment...

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