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Friday, April 23, 2010

Did She Say That?

Can't keep my hands off of the keyboard today apparently. I can't let the whole Ji**ian M*chaels comments go without addressing them.
I have watched the Bigg*st Los*er season after season. I always felt that Ji**ian was tough but seemed to be able to motivate people in situations that others couldn't. To say that I am completely disenchanted with her now would be an understatement. For someone in her position to throw it out there that she has decided to not give birth to a child because she couldn't do that to her body is bad enough but when add on top of that her statement regarding adoption and my eyeballs are about ready to pop out of my head.

Ms. Michaels, we don't adopt to "rescue" babies. We don't adopt because nothing gives us a better feeling than the feeling of having "rescued" someone. Each family has their own personal reasons for choosing to grow their families through adoption but I can assure you that no one that I know made that choice just to get that high feeling from rescuing someone. I beg you, if you are serious that you want to start a family some day, that you research what it means to bring a child into your home through adoption. You owe it to the prospective child to be educated, prepared, and emotionally capable of loving that child before you even think of having your first home study visit.

Stepping off my soapbox now.


Susan said...

Oh.My.Goodness. Are we living parallel lives right now?? I swear I thought I had addressed, handled and we had moved past the the "you bought me" phase, but my mom has been caught off guard a few times in the past couple of days. And the kid who said it, his name is coming up and out freely. I'm torn...do I go to the school and address it as curtly as it was told to my child? or do I continue to reassure her and count down the days until we move to our new daycare program? It chaps my arse like nothing else has. Ask ME if my plumbing works or what the problem was. Ask ME why I've gained 60 lbs. Ask ME why my hair looks like crap. Do NOT use a toddler-sized child to bring another toddler-sized child down. I'm tired of being the good parent who tells her daughter to let this one go. I'm getting ready to arm my child with the power of a kick arse response, to which I dare any of these racist, flaming, forked tongue parents to challenge me on. Bring. It. On.

Thanks for the use of your comments. I love you to pieces and can't wait to see that gorgeous girl of yours in person.

Anonymous said...


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