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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today I Am Thankful

For a husband who loves me without question

Boys who are strong, confident and making their own way

A daughter in love who loves my son unconditionally

A grandson who is healthy and by all reports, smart as a whip

A daughter that still thinks I hung the moon and the stars just for her pleasure

The terrific group of people that I get to surround myself with each day that I step foot into my office

Hope for the future


Susan said...

I'd like to add, if I may...

I'm thankful for friends: real, "imaginary," far and near.

I'm thankful someone else's kidlet thinks they hung the moon - makes me feel less selfish for accepting it around here.

The health of my child and the joy she brings me with every breath she takes.

Anonymous said...

hello~nice artile..................................................

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