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Monday, March 23, 2009

Recap of Vegas

As some of you know (if you follow me on facebook), I had quite the interesting trip to Vegas. In the airport on the way down, I was sitting next to a man who was breathing into a paperbag as we waited to board our plane. I then got sandwiched in between two of the heaviest, sweatiest men I have ever met from Chicago to Vegas. I literally ran to my room once I got my room key just to take a shower. No joke-the stench was awful. Speaking of stench, sat next to someone who had mad gas for the entire day one full day at the conference. Silent but deadly all day long. I think I may have turned a little green by the end of the day. I wanted to check out the pool at the hotel I was staying at, imagine my surprise when I ended up the "clothing optional" pool by mistake! I had to get up super early to catch my flight home. As I was leaving the hotel at 3:30 am I was standing in the taxi line along with alot of young adults. They had been clubbing all night. How do I know this? Might have been when the girl wearing the veil, surrounded by her friends who were actually helping her stay vertical, face planted on the asphalt as she tried to get in the cab-took 4 of her friends down with her. Or the girl who ran from behind me to try to help them, all the while still holding onto an ice pack the hotel had given her to help with the swelling of the black eye she received while at the club. Hmmm, wonder how they all felt the next afternoon. Anyway, it was a good conference and made lots of good contacts. Next time I go I'll try to remember to bring a face mask and elbow pads...

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