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Monday, March 02, 2009

Big Daddy

Yep, that is what Dreamsicle is now calling McGyver. I have no idea where she picked that one up but it is so hysterical (and so fitting). McGyver went away for the night on Saturday. She woke up Sunday morning wondering where her "Big Daddy" was. McGyver is 5'11" but is very big so it is totally appropriate for my littlest of little girls to think of him in that context. He is so stuck with that name from now on. Ha!

Dreamsicle and I had an action packed weekend. I took the day off from work on Friday and we met with some of our playgroup at a place called Play*World. An entire building of bouncy houses and slides, games and more! She had a blast. The only bad thing was that I really enjoy visiting with the other moms and at a place like this, you are kind of forced to go where your kid wants to go. Dreamsicle being the timid one wasn't about to crawl through the tubes and mazes like the other girls so there wasn't alot of visiting going on. We then headed out to do some clothes shopping for the little darlin. I am so in trouble. My girl is already showing signs of becoming a fashionista. She was very vocal about what she likes and doesn't like. She's three people! She is definately channeling my now deceased mother in law-no pastel, demure solid colors for our babe. Everything MUST! BE! COLORFUL! or ANIMAL PRINT! or she wanted nothing to do with it. The other shoppers were cracking up as they heard this little sweet looking thing veto one frilly little grey frock I happened to pick up. I was eyeing the thing picturing how sweet Dreamsicle would look in it when she proclaimed to all within earshot-"Mama, I not like that, it not pretty. Put that back please. Hmmmmm.

We survived Disn*ey On I*ce on Saturday. She was waving and clapping until she couldn't wave any longer. Passed out in the car on the way home and slept like a log all night long.

Now it's back to reality but only 4 more days until we can have more fun together.

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Anonymous said...

So funny!
Bright colors are great, but when they start w/ the animal prints, that is where I get off.
If Lola wants leopard print, she's going to have to pick it out herself!

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