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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Open My Mouth

We are a little bit nuts about Dis*ney at Casa de la Dreamsicle. It has always been that way, not just since Dreamsicle arrived. She has caught the fever though.

About a month ago I saw a tv commercial for Dis*ney On Ice. I immediately went online and bought tickets. The stars aligned that day and I was able to snag the Dreamster and I two front row tickets for the big event. Which will take place on Saturday. Last Saturday she saw the commercial and was so excited just watching the ad that I opened my mouth and proclaimed that we would be going to see the show! Next Saturday! Only 6 sleeps from now! Yep-I told my 3 year old about an event that would be taking place 7 days later.

Let's review how my days have gone since I let the cat out of the bag. Saturday immediately following the proclamation...

D-Mama, I'm tired I need to sleep now
D (after waking from nap) I sleeped-how many sleeps to go?

Last night...
D-Mama, are you awake (last night as she is crawling into our bed)
M-No D, Mama is sleeping.
D-Wake up-is it time to go yet?

This morning...
D-Yeah! It is time to go see Mick*ey Mou*se!
M-No, we still have a few days left to wait
D-Mama, let's go to sleep now!

I have a feeling it is going to be a very long week.

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Anonymous said...

LOL!!! That will teach you!
My youngest son was the same way. I finally would wait and tell him about plans only 12-24 hrs before they'd occur. Even that was too soon sometimes!

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