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Monday, February 23, 2009

Sappy mom post

These kids of mine make me want to burst sometimes.

Chester called from Iraq to let me know that he has been thinking of me and wanted to be sure that I knew how much he loves me. I so appreciate the way that he calls and truly values my opinion when he is working through something stressful in his life

U*haul called to let me know the same thing before he gets "under-way". He thanked me and asked me to thank his daddy for being so cool. :)

My X*Boy moved back into our house for awhile and it has been so great having him home where I can hug him and see his wonderful smile (we are having his house tested to make sure it is free from toxins-long boring story)

And the icing on the cake yesterday-Dreamsicle told me that I made her laugh so hard that her eyes were "dripping".

These dang kids of mine make my eyes drip too.

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Anonymous said...

What awesome & wonderful children you have!
I understand that feeling - nothing gets to me like my kids.

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