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Monday, February 02, 2009

Don't Try This At Home....

So yesterday I was being all Mar*tha Stew*art-y and making all kinds of tasty and delish foods to nosh on for the Super*bowl. One of those dishes happened to be guacamole. I lurv me some good homemade guac. I happily mashed the avacadoes, squeezed the limes for fresh lime juice and diced the tomatoes and jalapenos... after mixing aforementioned ingredients in a happy little bowl and placing it gently in the 'fridge I jumped in the shower. Things were going well as I washed my hair, applied conditioner and went to wash my face. I started scrubbing my face with my hands lathered in face wash, making sure to give my eyes a good once over so as to avoid those pesky racoon eyes that come with not getting all of your mascara off when I literally felt like my face was on fire. Note to self...be certain that the jalapeno residue is thoroughly rinsed off your hands before taking a shower.

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