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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I need a cleaning fairy...

And a cooking fairy, and a laundry fairy and well, you get the picture. I am so not complaining about how busy we are but dang-I am seriously packing on some pounds from eating on the run. I am resorting to picking up clothes, smelling them then putting them back on (okay it's not quite that bad yet but still). This business needs as much time and attention as we can give it (probably the reason I am still at the office right now). Dreamsicle's illness meant 5 days of X*boy watching her at the house since she was too ill to go to daycare. I do not have to worry about the care Dreamsicle receives from X*boy-he ranks real high on her favorite person list but the house looks like a bomb went off every day when I get home and I think if this keeps up I may begin using my stove as a decorative object since it isn't being used to cook anything.

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