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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Second Verse Same As The First

We just returned home from seeing Chester off for round number 2 of playing in the sandbox. We received a call that he had arrived at his original destination safely and that he would call when he reached his final destination.

The second time of sending him off to war wasn't any easier. I am not sure why I thought it would be. In my mind I thought I was prepared. As we sat in our car on base, watching him go through the predeployment ritual, much the same as the first time I kept telling myself that my heart was ready. Then the busses pulled in. I kissed and hugged my son one final time, whispering secret words into his precious ear and watched the man who was once my boy stand tall and proud as he stepped onto that bus. Looking back once he waved. Then he was gone.

This mothers heart hurts just as much now as it did the first round. This deployment is familiar but so different. This time he misses Thanksgiving, his birthday, Christmas-every holiday that you can think of will be spent inside the metal confines of his tank.

So the wait begins. The purchasing of the never ending need for new socks and undies does to. As we wait, we pray. Please God, keep our troops safe.

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