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Monday, December 20, 2010

Even Santa Has Limits

If you haven't guessed by now, McGyver is a complete push over when it comes to Dreamsicle. She doesn't write words yet so her letter to Santa was alot of very pretty scribbling which we then deciphered. I dutifully mailed her letter to Santa and was pretty proud of myself considering that I was able to check every single thing off her list as having purchased (per instructions from McGyver-his girl will not be disappointed). Well, the wee one has decided that she absolutely MUST send another urgent letter to Santa. There are two more things that she just cannot live without. Imagine McGyver's surprise when I txt messaged him that he had better stop at a store while he was in the big city because his daughter was in desperate need of two more things. A C*Hia Pet which is easily obtained. Oh, and a Sister. You know, cuz Santa brings everything you ask for.

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