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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Girls Week!

We were pretty bummed that we had to bail on the first leg of our vacation (the Myrtle Beach meet with the rest of our adoption travel group) but boy did we have fun in Florida!
We ended up on the same flight down to Florida as our friends. 3 mamas and 3 daughters together for 6 days.
It all started a year ago when Miss Twinkle Toes and her dance team made it to nationals. She had asked if Dreamsicle and I would go watch her. We weren't able to make that trip but promised her that if her team ever made it to Nationals again that we would be there. Well guess what happened-they qualified this year and the competition just happened to be held at one of our favorite places on earth-Disney!
Much preparation and planning went into places to stay, things to see and it all paid off in the end.
Dreamsicle and I shared a room with one my besties-T and her adorable 15 year old-the Mollster. By the end of the trip Dreamsicle and the Mollster were thick as thieves. We were truly blessed to have such a cool teenager to spend time with. Every single day since we have been back Dreamsicle talks about the Mollster, has named a baby-doll, two stuffed animals and a purse after the Mollster.
We watched Twinkle Toes compete-she was amazing. She really did just glide across that stage-big old smile plastered on her sweet face the whole time. Her mama L is another of my real life besties.
We conquered Magic Kingdom and could have stayed on Its A Small World continuously if they would have let us since it was so cool in there. The Florida heat was incredible.
Animal Kingdom was incredible. We went on the safari and I took some amazing pictures. The giraffe was literally close enough that I could have reached out and pet it!
Hollywood Studios was a fast paced visit-we arrived late in the afternoon due to Twinkle Toes competition and the park closed early so we literally raced from one thing to another to see everything.
Epcot was an all day event. Dreamsicle filled up an entire autograph book with character signatures and photos. We did the Princess breakfast here and all of the girls enjoyed themselves. While visiting the Chinese Pavillion, Dreamsicle and I were looking at Chinese dolls and lo and behold there was a doll that was named Dreamsicle's middle name! Of course that dolly had to come home with us.
Dreamsicle visited the Bippity Bobbity Boutique and had a partial "princess experience" she had her hair done (complete with crown!), makeup and nails. She could have cared less about the whole hair thing but was beside herself with joy about getting her nails done!
It took us three days after getting home to recover and rest.
We are so glad that we were able to take this vacay and can't wait to do it again


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