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Monday, January 25, 2010

Comments in Chinese

Sooooo, apparently I have someone in China that can get through the whole "must be registered to leave comments" deal. I so rarely get comments *yes people this means you* I know you are reading but you all SELDOM comment. I'm just saying...Oops-sorry, lost track of my point. Anyway as I was saying, I so rarely get comments that I get a little shaky and excited when I actually see that someone has actually taken the time to comment. Imagine my disappointment when the comment I see is half written in Chinese and half in English. From the English words I could tell that it wasn't such a nice comment. My last post got another comment-this time all in Chinese so I have no idea what it says but I deleted it just in case it was in the not so nice category again. Sigh.


Milo said...

Well, I still keep updated on your posts; just don't leave comments because I'm not to sure what to say. Hah.

Hopefully those comments stop. And I hope you are all doing well!

esbboston said...

If you are interested you can try dropping the Chinese into the online Google translator to see if there is anything worthwhile or maybe just benign & fine.

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