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Sunday, March 07, 2010


This weekend we had absolutely nothing planned. It provided me with a much needed opportunity to scrub my house and catch up on my mountains of laundry. Dreamsicle and I spent alot of time cleaning her room and play room. I think we have about one more month before she disowns us as her parents if we don't decide on a paint color for her room. I often have to remind myself that my little sprite is only four. Seriously. She tells me that her room is "boring" and it needs to be 'jazzed up". I am thinking of decorating her room in a beach theme so McGyver has some big work ahead of him (I refuse to pay for the types of decorations I want for her room when McGyver can make them for me-think surfboards, wooden flip flops, etc).
Lots of stuff to keep us busy in the coming month!

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