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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dreamsicle started preschool yesterday. As soon as she entered the doorway of the school she became a different little girl. Not the timid little sprite who wanted me to hold her hand as we walked in, but a confident, happy little girl. As she sprinted down the hall she was squealing with delight "my school, my school-I'm back at my school". All of that happiness washed away any doubt we had left over on whether or not we should have sent her to kindergarten this year.

It also solidified a decision that we had just made yesterday morning. With all of the should we send her/should we wait to send her drama we have been dealing with, McGyver and I sat down and talked about what the issues were/are. Turns out we both felt like she may have been ready this year but with the classes the size that they have become in public school our little sprite would have easily been lost in the crowd. Because of that, we started researching alternatives and toured a Christian school yesterday morning.

I can tell you that from the moment we entered the lobby I knew this is where Dreamsicle is meant to attend school. The total school size from kindergarten through 8th grade is 79 students this year. BUT! there is actually more diversity in this little slip of a school than in the public school she would have been attending. I was so afraid that she would be the token ethnic chic but that's not the case at all. The whole environment appears to be a place where Dreamsicle will be pushed but also won't slip through the cracks should she begin to struggle.

I am so relieved. We plan on completing the application and having it back into the school before the end of the year to make certain she has a slot in the fall (projections for next year's kindergarten class are at 14 students right now). The exact same size as her preschool.

I am so thankful that we found a solution that will make all of us feel good.

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your cool cat cousin said...

I'm so glad you've found a school that's a good fit. That must be really reassuring.

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