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Friday, November 27, 2009


At the eleventh hour two days ago Chester decided that he did not feel well enough to do the beat on your chest cause I'm a man hunting trip with McGyver, which caused me to go into a bit of a panic regarding Thanksgiving. Dreamsicle and I already had reservations made at a restaurant and were planning on spending the day with G-ma and Auntis Pammis, now that Chester and X*Boy were both going to be around I thought I might have to change those plans. After speaking with X*Boy (who caught what we had a few weeks ago so we already knew he would not be feeling up to leaving his couch let alone eating a big dinner and had informed me four days ago not to plan on him doing anything) I came up with plan B. I took a ham out of the freezer on Thanksgiving Eve and in the morning I whipped up a couple of pumpkin pies, made some home made bread and set it out to rise then went out to eat with G-ma, Auntis Pammis and Dreamsicle. As we were leaving the restaurant I called Chester (who, for the record was miraculously healed the night before since he called me the morning of Thanksgiving after McGyver had left to tell me that he was heading home from the big city that we live close to after spending the night at a buddy's house. Seems his strong will to live overcame the plague that he swore he had which allowed him the ability to participate in the events surrounding the biggest bar night of the year. Must be the heart of the Marine that still beats in his chest.) I digress-sorry. So I called Chester on my way home from the restaurant and had him drive to the house and throw the ham in the oven. 3 hours later dinner was served. By that time Dreamsicle was hungry again so it all worked out well. She couldn't believe that she got to eat dessert twice in one day so she was one happy girl.

**On a side note the restaurant we ate at was fabulous! They had a buffet that was huge but the best part was that they had a separate kids buffet. A line of teeny tiny tables in a row which held such fabulous kid treats as fruit cups! and chocolate pudding! and macaroni and cheese! and jello! and chicken strips! The list goes on. She was in heaven. We had a great waiter who asked her what she wanted for Christmas from Santa (bunny slippers) and what her favorite part of her meal was (green beans). Yep that's my girl.**

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