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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


My office is unable to keep a steady temperature. I have a space heater that I turn on and off at least a bazillion times a day. Right now I am hot but too lazy to get my bahonkas up out of my chair to turn it off. Do they sell remote control space heaters???

McGyver and Chester made plans to hunt out of town on Thanksgiving. This piece of news helped me to decide to make reservations for dinner at a restaurant since it will only be me and Dreamsicle. Guess who came home last night and told me that he thought they should stay home for Thanksgiving and leave the next day? Hmmm, if you figured that one out guess who told him he no longer had a choice. I have a 26 pound turkey chillaxin in my freezer. There is no way that big old bird would be defrosted by Thursday. Mama isn't cooking. It realy doesn't bother me that they will be gone-2 weeks later our entire family will be together in Florida-that's what I will consider my Thanksgiving.

Little Pea went to the doctor yesterday. It appears as if the ear infection he has been treated for with two different antibiotics to clear up decided to get worse instead. He was given a shot and I will bet that he is doing much better today.

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