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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Stuff Inside My Head Part Two

How is one wife/mother supposed to care for a sick husband who is laying in bed upstairs begging for water/aspirin/soup/kleenex and one sick four year old who insists on sneaking out into the living room on the lower level to lay on the couch and begging for water/mechazin (medicine)/soup/kleenex at the same time? I am about to find out.

Note to people having outpatient procedures done at the hospital-please remember to tie your gown before your decide that traipsing down the hallway is a good idea. Certainly got a few eye fulls today.

Note To Self: Please remember to be kind to your digestive track. Eating deep fried spicy pickles along with jalapeno poppers probably helps keep your eyeballs open at 3:00 am

Note to Semi Driver-the left lane of the expressway is meant to either pass or go faster than 35 mph while you blatantly type on your laptop located on the dash of your truck while I try to scurry past you hoping you don't decide to veer into my lane.

That's all I've got time for-I think I hear someone whining (not going to tell you which one)

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