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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Insomnia Again

I am becoming very familiar with both side of 3:00 on my clock. Suffering from insomnia is no fun. McGyver is hunting at his buddy's cabin so Dreamsicle is snuggled up in my bed with me but I still can't sleep. Since I was laying here awake I decided to grab the laptop and write up a quick post. While sitting here in my bed with only the light from the laptop screen illuminating my room, it suddenly reminded me of when we were in China. My body refused to adjust to the time difference so I was seriously sleep deprived while we were over there. McGyver and Dreamsicle and would sleep the night away and I would sit up, creating my posts in the wee hours of the morning with just the light of the laptop illuminating our hotel room. Funny how some things are different but the same.

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