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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sweet Dreamsicle

Dreamsicle is so funny. She has finally started to sing. She won't sing out loud yet but her voice would pass for being just above a whisper while she sings the words. She takes after her mama. Poor babe cannot carry a tune at all, but hey at least she is trying.

Speaking of whispers, she has learned what a "secret" is. In her mind a secret is when someone puts their hand to her ear and whispers something. She wants to tell everyone secrets right now. One small glitch in that plan though-she can't think of anything to say so she ends up putting her hand to my or McGyver's ear then we hear something that amounts to "pstmhephmhselale". Call me crazy but I hope she never grasps the concept of secrets-how cool would it be if she never felt like she had to keep one?

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Susan said...

Just wait until the day she discovers that loud and proud is the only way to be. Oy vey. O has begun singing when she goes poop. No matter where we are. She has entertained the likes of grocery store shoppers, patients at a doctor's office, patrons at a restaurant and my good friend J about fell off the couch yesterday when she belted out her version of a Darius Rucker song while at her house.

Being a parent is simply amazing. Amazing. I never knew how much love I could hold in my heart and every time O tells me I'm her best friend, I try not to think about the day she'll take it back.

I miss you. I hope to be able to see you in the upcoming year sometime.

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