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Saturday, November 14, 2009


I think I have finally kicked this illness. I knew I was starting to feel better when I began craving pancakes. I actually got off the couch yesterday and loaded the dishwasher (don't ask me how many times I loaded the dishwasher, just think several-if this makes no sense to you refer to post below).
I made dinner last night and actually slept for 5 hours! In a row! Go body!
I am going to actually brave heading outside today (hopefully I won't have to throw my arm over my eyes yelling "the light, it is blinding me!") since I have not seen the great out of doors for 6 days but I must get my body moving. There is a big craft show that my mom, my sister, Dreamsicle and I attend annually and today is the day. Nothing gets me moving like shopping! LOL. Dreamsicle is beside herself with joy at the prospect that her mama is actually going to do something with her today.
Tomorrow is opening day of deer hunting. Tune in tomorrow to see if I once again manage to step in a 6 inch square of deer poop on 40 acres of property.

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