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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Getting Back To Normal

Yesterday was a great day. The temp was perfect for being outside. I decided to keep Dreamsicle home and away from people for one more day so I spent the morning scrubbing the germs away in the house with the windows open. The afternoon found the two of us outside going on a "hike". We walked for a bit around our property picking up bits and pieces of nature as we went. For some reason Dreamsicle was fascinated with the leaves yesterday. Here in the Mitten State, when the leaves first fall off the trees they are beautiful in their autumnal colors. As they lay on the ground they become brown. She didn't care, she kept handing me brown leaves and some red leaves that looked like they had been on the ground from last year, acorns and sticks. When she was finally ready to head back inside we brought our loot back inside with us. Then out of the blue she announced that she wanted to "make someping". I think this may have come from her looking over my shoulder the other day while I was reading blogs. We were reading the SalsainChina blog and there were pictures of wreaths the girls had made that caught Dreamsicle's eye. So armed with a glue gun and a paper plate we made a nature wreath. The giggles that came out of that little girl during this project were so good to hear. It was a great day-forecast says that today is supposed to be just as nice and we will be ready for our next adventure.

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