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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Self Image

I was talking with Chester this weekend and he was bringing me up to speed on what his friends from high school are doing now. It has been fun watching him reconnect after having been gone for four years. We got on the subject of a couple that dated while in high school and are still together. They were what you would have considered to be a "power couple" back in the day-he handsome, athletic, totally cool, and she-top ten smart, sassy and beautiful.

They had futures that were so full of promise. Want to know what they are doing now? He is a bouncer at a strip club and she is a stripper. I have not been able to get this bit of information out of my head. They had so many dreams, so many plans. How does all of that get pushed aside and you somehow settle for selling (and protecting) the rights to view your body? Neither of them came from families with money and I know they were both struggling to pay for college but to end up at the opposite end of the spectrum is so disheartening. What are we as a society teaching our young people? As a mom to a little girl, I can only imagine how this young woman's mom must feel. It is so scary to think that this person seemed to be so put together, so full of self confidence but my personal belief is that you don't choose this type of occupation if you are comfortable in your own skin. It is yet another lesson for me to remember. No matter how Dreamsicle may appear on the outside, I better make darn certain that internally she feels fabulous about herself.

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