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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Backing Up

We have the camper already loaded on the truck in preparation for our trip to Florida. Chester's truck broke down and will be spending the next two weeks in the shop. This has caused me to turn over the keys to my car to Chester and forced me to drive the truck (think Beverly Hillbilly Clampett mobile) during this time. Our office has a strange parking lot. McGyver has requested that I park in the far back of the parking lot (he claims so that the Clampett mobile won't get hit but I have a strange feeling it may be his subtle way of forcing me to move my bahonkas more than three feet as I trudge into the office). I really haven't minded parking back there until today. I have been getting to work early this week (dark thirty early) and I always back the Clampett mobile into a parking space. Today I whipped the old rig around, threw it into park and hopped out. I don't know what caused me to look back but when I did I realized that I was parked on the lawn, not in a parking space and that I had taken out one of the wooden posts the snow plow company had placed to mark where the grass begins and the asphalt ends. Oops.

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