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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's New?

Happy Veterans Day! This is one of those days that gets me all teary eyed. My father, my father in law, my husband and now my children all having served or are currently serving makes this a special day in the McGyver house. Please keep my military men in your prayers. Both are going through rough patches right now so I would certainly appreciate you all lifting them up.

In other McGyver family news:

The office is coming along. I am bidding for business every week so that is a good sign.
Dreamsicle loves to come into the "oppice" and work.

We had her preschool open house last night. It was fun to meet the other parents and see her interact with her teachers. My girl lurvs her teachers. We all had to meet in the gym at a specified time to do a rousing rendition of the "hokey pokey" which I have not done since I was a little girl on roller skates back in the day. Dreamsicle thought it was hilarious to see her mama "shake it all about". We are really trying to work with her and the pronounciation of words. Milk is still "Nilk". Love is still "wuv". Cereal is still "c-we-all" you get the picture. Although a part of me will miss her little sayings, she is a "beeg gool now" (big girl now) and we really need to help her along.

The big thing that cannot be talked about yet is coming along but would like to ask that you continue to cover us in prayer.

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