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Monday, November 24, 2008

I Miss Chester

Dreamsicle and I spent the weekend getting Chester's Christmas boxes put together and ready to ship. Do you have any idea how hard it is to come up with gifts to send to a boy who is living in a tank? He is getting new underwear and socks, a few DVD's, a PSP game, Yahtzee, various balls (football, soccer ball, baseball) and some new books. I purchased four stockings (one for each guy on the tank) and filled them all with little goodies and trinkets as well. I'm not sure how his Tank Commander (TC) is going to feel receiving a stocking since he is Jewish but Chester assured me before he left that they had already discussed it and his TC was cool with it. If anyone reading this blog is Jewish, I would LOVE some ideas on what to send! I also sent a small tree with lights and Dreamsicle and I made salt dough ornaments that we painted and added to the tree this weekend. Chester said they were planning on attaching the tree to one side of the tank and his TC was going to attach a Menorah to the other side, can't wait to see pictures of that!
Getting all of this together made it hit home that my son will celebrate the day of his Saviour's birth half a world away. In a country that doesn't believe. Our boys have chosen career paths that take them far away, put them into dangerous situations and keep them away from those that they love for months at a time all to serve this great Nation. Christmas is going to be rough this year.

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