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Thursday, December 18, 2008


Why are all of the mirrors in my house so far away that I cannot tell that my eyebrows are in serious need of waxing until I look in the mirror at the office and scare myself thinking I have caterpillars crossing my brows?

Why did I have to slip and fall in the parking lot of the local supermarket this morning due to ice while I was wearing a dress? And the snow plow dude was just finishing up plowing, thus being treated to a show.

Why did my purse get caught on the door handle while trying to exit a swanky restaurant last week, thus pulling me backwards allowing for a not so graceful exit from said establishment?

Why do I not have heated seats in my car since I live in the Frozen Tundra?

Why did I just receive notice that the suh-weet dress I ordered for New Years Eve online is on back order and scheduled to ship on January 5?

I have no idea...

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