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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Big Day In A Little Girl's Life

Last Friday Dreamsicle had her first "real" haircut. We started the morning off with a Mommy and Me playdate at the local Gardens. The building was filled with Christmas Trees From Around The World. Each tree decorated with the theme for a different country. As you can see, Dreamsicle started her morning with a picture in the sleigh at the entrance to the building, notice her long, straggly hair? After spending the morning with the other girls I realized we had a hair emergency on our hands and stopped at a children's salon to get her a real big girl hair cut. She was a little shy, but sat there like a trooper. Her bangs are a little short, not the stylist's fault though. Dreamsicle was so caught up with where the stylist was going with those dang scissors near her eyes that she kept looking up to keep a close eye on the sharp pointy things. This caused her eyebrows to be raised during the haircut, thus making the stylist cut them shorter than "just above her brows". After the outing and the haircut we ended our day with a stop at a restaurant for a "treat"! The picture of Dreamsicle with her friends K and M is a picture of three little girls who all came home from China at the same time. K is from Dreamsicle's same orphanage (the little girl in all red)

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