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Thursday, December 25, 2008

I used to laugh at my Grandma

My mom came from a large family. Growing up we would visit my Grandma's house and she would always have something yummy she could pull out of the freezer to warm up for us to eat. I cannot remember the number of times she would tell us that she had trouble learning how to cook for just her and my Grandpa after the kids grew up. I would always giggle to myself wondering just how hard could it be to reduce your serving sizes.

Grandma is now up in Heaven but I owe her an apology. Apparently I have more of her in me than I even realized. This is what I prepared for our Christmas dinner last night:

Cold Shrimp
Water Chestnuts wrapped in bacon
Beef Roll Ups

Main Course
Potato/Squash Soup
Prime Rib
Rice Pilaf
Garlic Bread

Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream

Guess who I made all of that for...McGyver, me, X*Boy and Dreamsicle.

We will be eating leftovers for a very, very long time.

The absence of Chester and U*Haul was felt by everyone. Little Pea and Pixie were home for the opening of gifts in the morning but then headed out on the road for more celebrating with her family so it was a quiet afternoon.

The morning on the other hand was a flurry of happiness and toddler giggles as Dreamsicle opened her gifts. She totally got the whole go to bed on Christmas Eve wake up to gifts from Santa on Christmas morning. So much so that when she went to bed last night she asked if Santa was going to come again. Heh, smart kid.

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