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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The January Project

It is funny how there are times in your life when a cliche really is an appropriate method to describe a feeling. This past May I was filled with sadness, hurt and even a little bit of despair. I had to question everything I thought I knew, learned that people I thought I could count on I really couldn't once there was nothing left for them to gain from me. Forced to realize that more often than not the word "friendship" held no value to people I would have laid down my life for. That period of my life was a dark, dark space that I wasn't sure I would ever be able to crawl out of.

During that period someone reminded me that God never closes a door without opening a window. At the time of that little reminder I wasn't so ready to really believe that. In fact, I am pretty sure I might have even said a few bad words to the person that gave me that gentle reminder if I am not mistaken. But it is true. So. True.

Out of all of the evil and darkness, a transformation began to take place. My relationship with McGyver was strengthened. When I couldn't pick my head up off of my pillow, he was there. When I couldn't string two coherent sentences together without bursting into tears he was there. When I was hurt by the silence and distance of others my husband was there. Through it all he reminded me of who I was. He forced me to look ahead. He challenged me to grow. Through that whole process I fell in love with my man all over again. The relationship we have because of what we endured is worth the pain we had to go through to get where we are now. That gift alone is priceless. But the Lord was not done with just giving us the gift of a renewed relationship and belief in each other.

He had additional plans for us. We started our new company in July. Still wobbly and shaken, I was forced to put myself out there to push for our vision to create a company that valued its employees, brought jobs to our local economy and allowed me the opportunity to truly be present in Dreamsicle's life. We were blessed with a tiny little account to whom I will forever be grateful. When they agreed to sign with us our company started. Soon after that we were blessed with a much larger client. We were able to hire employees, lease office space, really start working towards fulfilling our dreams. From July until now we have seen steady growth-now on the cusp of 2009 we are growing again.

Today at 2:00 we acquired another company. A company that is quadruple the size of what we were this morning. A company that has incredible employees, shares a vision much like our own and gives us the ability to bring more jobs to our local area, allowing us to employ more people who so desperately need work. The opportunity presented itself a little over a month ago so we have been working day and night to make this happen. The odds were against us, the timeline so tight that we know that the Lord cleared the way in order for us to make this happen.

We have been blessed. And because of His blessings we hope to be able to bless others-with a job close to home, a good wage and a great place to work.

So the next time someone tells you the old "the Lord doesn't close a door without opening a window" cliche, be still and wait to feel the wind from the open window.

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