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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Someone Let Me Off This Crazy Ride!

Remember in my last post when I described my life as a roller coaster? Well, I was not kidding. Our social worker made it a point to call me yesterday just to let me know that she was finishing up our homestudy and that I could expect the rough draft later that evening. Loaded with anticipation I stayed up LATE waiting for its arrival. Finally I had to make the decision-stick tooth picks in my eyelids to keep them from closing or go to bed. I chose the less painful of the two options and then checked my email this morning. Still no homestudy. So I emailed our social worker who then left me a voice mail at my office telling me that she should not have told me that she would have it done yesterday, that she has had some scheduling conflicts come up and she does not know when she will have it done. @@#%&*!!. Why make it a point to call me to let me know that the report would be done only to pull the carpet out from under me? I think I'm back on the roller coaster and I want off...

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Christi said...

OK--This emotional roller coaster, the setback and frustrations, they must be what makes up for the discomfort, sickness and weight gain that comes with being pregnant.

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